Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Companies Or Affiliate Marketing Programs That You Can Trust

There are thousands of affiliate marketing companies in existence today. These companies vary greatly depending on the payment model, niche and structure. It can be difficult knowing which affiliate marketing companies to trust when you’re a complete beginner. Many affiliate marketing companies have gone bankrupt, closed the doors to their program and tried to avoid paying their affiliates. When there is no money left, there isn’t much you can do. This can be a huge concern when you’re owed any amount in affiliate commissions.

Not All Affiliate Marketing Companies Are Trustworthy

Luckily there are affiliate marketing companies that have been dubbed industry leaders. These affiliate programs are the key to ensuring you get paid for your marketing efforts as they are known for their prompt payouts. Let’s take a look at the top 10 affiliate marketing companies that you should be working with on a regular basis.

Affiliate Marketing Companies # 10 – ShareASale

ShareASale is an internet marketing company that has been in busy for almost 20 years. They are a more brand orientated affiliate program that is suitable for marketers of all experience levels. One great feature at ShareASale is “real time” tracking capabilities as well as “custom link creation” for it’s affiliates.

affiliate marketing companies Shareasale

Affiliate Marketing Companies # 9 – Ebay Partner Network

Ebay Partner network is a perfect affiliate program for new affiliates. Ebay has millions of products to choose from which makes it very easy to find products in almost every niche.  Ebay Partner Network provides links as well as banners, making it extremely easy to promote affiliate products. Ebay also has a great commission structure. They offer
50% – 70% commission to their affiliates! As you can imagine, Ebay has become one of the most popular affiliate marketing companies in the industry.

Affiliate marketing companies ebay

Affiliate Marketing Companies # 8 – Diablo Media

Diablo Media is a very reputable CPA Network that has been in business since 2006. The owner and founder, Ben Smith started the company after realizing his talent in performance marketing at a young age. Diablo media features some very large brands and exclusive lead generation affiliate offers. I highly recommend checking out their network.

diablo media

Affiliate Marketing Companies # 7 – MaxBounty

MaxBounty is the biggest CPA Network in the industry, rumored to have over 100,000 affiliates under it’s wing. MaxBounty is also one of the easiest CPA Networks to get approved by as a new affiliate marketer. With over 1,500 affiliate offers to choose from, MaxBounty has solidified itself in the top affiliate marketing companies around.


Affiliate Marketing Companies # 6 – Clickbooth

Clickbooth has been ranked the #1 CPA Network worldwide by various sources and rightfully so with it’s vast offer library and weekly payments. Clickbooth has been a giant in the industry since its inception in 2002. You can find Clickbooth at virtually every trade show world wide such as Affiliate Summit and Affiliate World conferences. Clickbooth may not be the ideal network for new or aspiring affiliates as they have a very strict vetting process. They require proof of performance prior to approval into their network. Apply for a Clickbooth account once you have some stats to prove your experience.


Affiliate Marketing Companies # 5 – Bluehost

Bluehost has become on of the most popular hosting platforms used by new affiliate marketers. It is also the number 1 hosting platform used with WordPress sites. Since this platform has a good name and popularity among affiliate marketers, it’s safe to assume they also have an affiliate program available to it’s members. The programs offers $65-$80 per each qualified sign-up to Bluehost which makes this a fairly lucrative program. Every affiliate needs hosting! Hosting is a universal necessity in this industry. This makes promoting BlueHost a no-brainer!

Affiliate Marketing Companies # 4 – CJ Affiliate

This affiliate marketing network is for experienced and expert marketers. CJ has some of the worlds biggest retail names, it’s easy to see how this network sends 126M+ annually in affiliate commissions. CJ Affiliate does not have a public registration and for a good reason. They only approve affiliates who have proven traffic sources and marketing methods to protect the integrity of their big brand partners. You probably won’t get approved the first time you apply. Don’t take it personally!

CJ Affiliate

Affiliate Marketing Companies # 3 – Clickbank

Clickbank has become one of the best affiliate marketing companies for beginners in the industry. They have thousands of digital products that convert very well and cover a wide range of niches. Their digital products typically have very aggressive sales pages which make their products some of the highest converting in the industry. If you’re interested in promoting Clickbank products, I highly recommend you read our article 3 Easy Affiliate Marketing Clickbank Strategies That Will Make You Money.


Affiliate Marketing Companies # 2 – Amazon Associates

Amazon has positioned itself to be the largest eCommerce affiliate program in existence with 12 million potential products. This is the perfect program for new and aspiring affiliates as Amazon does most of the selling for you. There are many methods newbies can use to take advantage of Amazon’s affiliate program. If you’re interested in promoting Amazon products, I encourage to read our article 3 Fool Proof Affiliate Marketing Amazon Strategies To Make Money Online


Affiliate Marketing Companies # 1 – Google

This shouldn’t be a big surprise as Google is the biggest internet company in existence. Between their AdWords platform that focuses on search traffic and their AdSense network that focuses on display ads, google ads has it hands on virtually every website on the internet. Google ads is a great place to start if you are a new or experience affiliate.

Google Adwords

Google adsense

There are many opportunities with search traffic that can land you some super profitable campaigns if you know how to do keyword research. Google Keyword Planner is a great tool to give you insight into keyword potential for your targeted niche. If you have not used it before, I suggest playing around with a few keywords to get an idea of what it can do.


You should have a general idea of which affiliate marketing company to work with at this point and now should be focusing on creating your first campaign. Remember that it is very important to create an Niche Authority Site to build a true foundation as an affiliate. These sites are crucial to your longevity and provide a long term stable form of affiliate commissions.

Affiliate marketing takes patience and planning. It’s important to build a proper foundation today instead of rushing for a quick payday. That almost never works and you’re affiliate marketing career will be a very short one. I have seen 100’s of affiliates come and go over the years. One common mistake was their lack of planning and patience. You have to expect to fail a few times. If you refuse to quit, you will eventually start making money. 100% of people who refused to quit are now successful Affiliate Marketers.

If you are completely new and want to learn How To Start Affiliate Marketing, check out the free training.

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