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How to Build a Profitable Authority Niche Website

Hi everyone it’s Joey from day job hacks and I’m going to go over how I’ve built day job hacks to show an example to affiliate marketers about how to build a niche Authority style website so that you can build long term organic traffic.

My strategy with this site is to build a hundred thousand YouTube subscribers, that’s gonna take a lot of work and time as well as effort. I want to document that and show people all the work that is involved in creating such a site because in our premium training at powerhouse affiliate we talked a lot about paid traffic and CPA traffic and how to get a lot of traffic to a front end campaign, but we also talk about building a long term strategy in the backend with your own niche branded site just like this one.

This video is going to show you the strategies I use to build my site which you can use in any niche, it doesn’t have to be about make money online or affiliate marketing, it can be about any niche or topic. You don’t have to be the face or spokesperson for your niche, this lesson is just about showing you how to build a site and set up all your channels over time.

People say it’s really easy to set up websites and set up Authority but it really does take a lot of work. I’m gonna show you some of the things I’ve done which took me about two weeks to build.  This site was worked on in about three hours a day on average so there’s a lot of hours put into this and I’m going to show you why. If you do it properly it’s gonna take you some time and you need to know some skills to really get the job done.

This website was made with WordPress using the Optimize Press plugin along with a premium theme that gives me various options I couldn’t find in a free theme.

Free themes can work just fine if you discover one you like, but in case not then you’ll want to consider buying one. I purchased the domain name for this site, Dayjobhacks.com because it was a fitting name for the content on this site. Professional images along with a few of my own I took myself have been used to spruce things up and so far it’s looking good.

Before the build process I should mention the goal of this site. My main goal with this site is to do something tangible… make money. When you’re building your authority site you need to think of what your main goal is. For my own goals I need to get people to sign up to a webinar so I get their information. They then become a lead for me so I can sell them premium training and advanced training later on. Affiliate products related to the niche can also be sold but I’m also going to be giving them really good, solid content so that I build trust and authority in this niche.

Everything I’m doing around this site is based on the content, and all of the content I’m creating is to achieve the mail goal. I’m always trying to get people to this site to either join the webinar or get a free ebook and then engage in my follow-up sequence and read all of the content and watch the videos that I’m building along with getting as many to subscribe to my youtube channel as possible.

If you’re just starting make sure you get a pen and paper and write down your goals before you even begin. Before you buy your domain name write down your goals and understand what you want to do with your campaign. I’ve worked on this website with my goals in mind, made it look good and have installed all the plugins I need on the back-end in order to push forward with things.

Optimize Press is a plugin I use all of the time for building my funnels. It is basically the start-point and everything can be built with it. In it you can create new pages with tons of templates. Let’s talk about plugins. I’ve installed some interesting plugins because I actually bought a premium theme for this blog.

This all takes time you need to set up a Twitter account get all your stuff looking professional in the background. I had to create, edit, and then set all of my picture here. Get a new t-shirt that says day job hacks, and a number of other things in the background. This is all stuff that I’ve been doing for the last two weeks. Come to think of it, even longer than that,  probably almost a month in total when you factor in planning, getting all of the branding ready and producing actual content.

Touching on plugins again for a moment, there’s plenty of options you can use that only take some searching around. If you’re using webinars like I am then it’s an excellent option to dish out longer pieces of content in the 20 minute range or more. Sending traffic through a funnel that pushes through the sign up form, on to an email list and then landing on a webinar is only the start.

I have actually outsource some of the work to save myself time, but for the most part I’m actually using services like videoblocks. This is a paid service so it’s more expenses that you need to consider if you’re gonna do things this way. These are video clips that you can search through, there’s thousands of them you can find on the premium site and if you just hover over one of the examples then you can see what the video clips are.

This is stuff just to kind of give the channel a little bit of spice. I’m using a plugin called tube buddy which gives me information about how to make my videos more SEO friendly so that they  show up in the search engines. I’ve already started seeing my videos show up in search results.  If you search “affiliate marketing dead” on YouTube then I’m actually on the front page for that term. I’ve also shown up on the other videos I’ve created for Powerhouse Affiliate in the ranks.

I also added a Facebook page which also has videos as well in order to kind of spice up that page. I’ve got the three main channels for social media right now, I’m not gonna do any more because really it’s a lot of work and I just want to start getting traffic into the funnel. I also wanted to test the settings and the traffic so what I did is I’ve installed Google Analytics. Setting up proper tracking then pushing some test traffic to the blog will help me tune my goals and set everything up the right way.

There is a lot more content in the video so check it out. In it I discuss CPV Lab which is my tracking tool of choice. More info on how I like to approach Facebook and social media for traffic as well as setting a foothold in my chosen niche as an authority. It’s a nearly half-hour long video so there’s plenty of details left for you to explore. Follow along on this journey to build a great authority website and watch as I document my steps as well as covering many other related topics as times goes on.

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Joey from Day Job Hacks & Powerhouse Affiliate

Hi I am Joey Babineau. I am an online media buyer & entrepreneur since 2002. Please provide comments or feedback below or help me by sharing & subscribing to my content! Thanks for visiting. Check out My 50K/Month Affiliate Training for FREE .
Joey from Day Job Hacks & Powerhouse Affiliate
Follow Me

Hi I am Joey Babineau. I am an online media buyer & entrepreneur since 2002. Please provide comments or feedback below or help me by sharing & subscribing to my content! Thanks for visiting. Check out My 50K/Month Affiliate Training for FREE .

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