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Over the past few years, AI copywriting tools have improved a lot. They now allow businesses to generate better copy, scale their content marketing efforts easily, and help content creators avoid writer’s block.

But with so many tools in the market, which one should you choose?

In this vs comparison, we’ll explore two of the most popular tools today. We’ll review their use cases, features & templates, pricing, and, most importantly, the quality of their outputs to help you choose the perfect AI writing tool based on your budget and needs.

Let’s get going. vs – What are AI writing tools?

AI writing tools use artificial intelligence to generate written content from scratch in various formats.

By picking a template and providing some context, such as the topic, tone of voice, and keywords, you can get these tools to create headlines, social media posts, paragraphs, and even entire blog posts for you in seconds.

They work based on Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms that analyze and understand written text and use machine learning to generate new content that matches the style and tone of the inputs.

Both and Jasper use GPT-3, a technology that’s consumed approximately 10% of all the content on the web.

That enables them to create original content on many subjects, even if you don’t give them any information about them in the inputs.

If you want content on more technical, specific, or recent topics that these tools don’t have any previous ‘knowledge’ on, they can still create it for you as long as you provide all the info in the description. Jasper, for instance, offers a feature that turns bullet points into well-written text.

While the AI-generated content isn’t always perfect and may require some editing, AI writing tools can help you create content up to five times faster, saving you a lot of precious time. vs – What makes them different?

Here’s a quick vs comparison:

  • Best for short-form marketing & sales content
  • 90+ tools and templates
  • 25+ languages
  • Starts free
  • Best for long-form content
  • Chat Feature
  • 50+ templates and Boss Mode
  • 29+ languages
  • Starts at $49 per month vs – Use cases and tools provides over 90 tools and templates for three primary use cases: emails, blogs, and social media.

For the first case, you’ll find templates that help you create lifecycle emails, nurture sequences, discount and sales emails, event promotions, follow-up emails, and sales outbounds.

For bloggers, can help them create how-to blog posts, listicles, meta descriptions, thought leadership articles, and more. There’s also a tool that provides topic ideas, including a proposed blog post title and a short description of what the blog post should be about.

Finally, the social media features can generate Facebook posts, YouTube descriptions, TikTok scrips, Pinterest descriptions, Instagram captions, and LinkedIn posts. vs

Jasper, on the other hand, provides over 50 templates for several different use cases.

Here are some of them:

  • Text Summarizer
  • AIDA Framework (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action, one of the oldest copywriting formulas around)
  • Product description
  • Creative story
  • Blog post intro & conclusion paragraphs
  • Personal or company LinkedIn bio
  • Facebook & Google ads headline
  • Quora answers
  • Etc.

There’s also the Boss Mode, ideal for creating entire blog posts from scratch.

Jasper also provides an art creation tool, which can generate any art or image from scratch based on your inputs, and a Chrome extension that allows you to bring the tool into your content workflow.

Jasper has also just launched a new Chat capability similar to Chat GPT.

Finally, it has a Surfer SEO integration that makes the content better optimized to rank high on Google and a built-in plagiarism checker powered by Copyscape, which ensures that the AI-generated content is 100% original. vs

Our take? offers a larger number of templates for short formats, but Jasper provides templates for almost any situation you can think of and can give you more flexibility for different use cases. vs – Interface

This is what’s interface looks like: vs

And here’s Jasper’s: vs

As you can see, they’re very similar. Both tools offer clean and intuitive interfaces where you can add your topic, keywords, description, and tone of voice in the inputs.

While provides some predefined tones, Jasper lets you go further and write down the tone you want. You could write ‘Steve Jobs’ and have the tool create content inspired by his speeches.

And in Jasper’s Boss Mode, which has a slightly different interface, you’ll find an editor that also enables you to add up to 3,000 words of existing text and have the tool continue writing from it.

Here’s Jasper’s boss mode: vs vs – Languages offers 29+ languages and dialects: vs vs

And Jasper, 25+: vs

They provide very similar language options, so unless you need content in a language only available in one of these tools, there’s not a big upside in either.

Something cool about their language features is that you can add inputs in one language and have them generate outputs in another.

For instance, you could add inputs in English and have them come up with Spanish content for you.

That can be extremely useful if you have a global audience or would like to grow by expanding your content to other markets. vs – Pricing

When it comes to pricing, is the most affordable tool.

It provides a free plan that includes most features and up to 2,000 words per month, but it’s limited to English.

That’s a low usage limit that can be easily reached, especially considering you’ll usually need more than one output per attempt to get something that pleases you.

It’s still nice to have a free forever plan that allows you to try the platform without spending anything, though.

If you’re ready to take things to the next level, you can try the Pro plan. It starts at $36 per month with annual billing and $49 per month with monthly billing and comes with a 7-day free trial.

It includes five seats, all features, and, most importantly, unlimited content generation. vs

On the other hand, Jasper’s main plan starts at $49 per month with annual billing or $59 if billed monthly.

This plan provides everything most users will need, including all the templates, the Boss Mode, and up to five users.

Those prices are limited to 50,000 words per month and increase depending on usage.

For 100,000 words per month, for instance, prices go to $82 and $99 per month, respectively. For 300,000 words, $232 and $279.

Additionally, there’s the Business plan for growing teams and businesses starting at $499 per month. It allows you to collaborate with more than five users and comes with additional features perfect for larger companies, such as tailored AI brand voice, API access, and a dedicated account manager. vs vs – What do users say? (+ Which has the best outputs?)

First, let us share our own impressions of Jasper. That’s the tool we’ve been using in Day Job Hacks for quite some time now, which gives us first-hand knowledge of it.

We personally find it the best AI writing software in the market. It’s easy to use, provides templates for almost any use case you can think of, and the quality of the outputs is impressive.

Jasper is also well-rated across software review platforms, with a 4.8-star rating on Capterra and 4.7 on

Most users are happy with all the points we mentioned, which are the most important things to consider regarding AI writing tools. Many also praised the fact that the company is constantly adding new templates and features.

The main complaint was about the usage limits. Besides being considered low, unused words aren’t carried on to the next month. is also highly rated by users, with a 4.6-star rating on Capterra and 4.8 on

They’re also happy about all the main aspects, including the features, ease of usage, and quality of the outputs, as well as having no usage limits in the paid plan.

However, while most of the AI-generated outputs were good, some users experienced issues like inaccurate info in the content, especially in long formats.

When looking at user reviews, we were also lucky to find many customers who had tried both tools.

In terms of output quality, there was a consensus that Jasper outperforms most of the time, especially in long-form content. However, didn’t do badly either, particularly in short-form sales & marketing formats.

That makes sense, considering provides more templates for short formats, while Jasper offers more flexibility for other use cases. vs – PROS & CONS of each – PROS

-Starts free

-Unlimited usage in the premium plan

-Number of short-form templates

-Ideal for short-form sales & marketing pieces – CONS

-Not the best for long-form content

-Might display inaccurate info in the outputs


Jasper AI – PROS

-Number of use cases supported

-Ideal for long-form content

-Surfer SEO integration helps the content rank higher

-Built-in plagiarism checker

-Constantly adding new features

Jasper AI – CONS

-No free plan

-Limited usage levels vs – Frequent questions (FAQ) vs – which provides the best outputs?

Based on our analysis and user reviews, provides more templates and performs slightly better in some short formats, especially when it comes to sales & marketing material.

For long-form content, however, Jasper typically provides better outputs.

Can AI writing tools create content about any topic from scratch?

Most AI writing tools, including and Jasper, use a technology called GPT-3, which has consumed close to 10% of all the content available on the web.

With the info they’ve gathered, they can generate content about several topics from scratch, even if you only add the subject in the inputs.

However, if you need content on more technical, specific, or recent topics that those tools don’t have ‘knowledge’ on, you’ll need to give them all the info to have them create it for you.

How good is the AI-generated content? Will I have to make any edits?

AI writing tools have come a long way, and the AI-generated content is usually high quality at the point of even beating some human writers.

However, the outputs may still need adjustments before getting published, and it’s always important to look for errors and inaccurate info. vs – Which one should you use?

The ideal tool for you will depend on factors such as your budget and the content formats you use.

Our final advice?

If you want to get started with an affordable tool or are looking for short-form content for sales and marketing material, go with It starts free and works great for those types of content, in addition to helping you with other formats as well.

However, Jasper is definitely worth the investment if you need a lot of long-form content or outputs in various formats.

It provides templates for almost any use case you can think of, its long-form outputs are incredibly high quality and free of plagiarism, and the Surfer SEO integration makes it ideal for creating content that ranks high in Google.

For those reasons and more, we use it in our blog.

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