5 Newbie Friendly Facebook Marketing Strategies

On the search for some simple but effective Newbie Friendly Facebook Marketing Strategies?

The world’s largest social media platform has had its fair share of highs and lows over its 18-year life lifespan. (Yes, there is an entire generation that does know of life before Facebook!) The platform is saturated with every Tom, Dick and Harry trying to make a quick buck or promote their family business. We will need to be better than our competitors are. Doing this may be harder than you think as a newbie marketer. Check out the list of 5 newbie-friendly Facebook marketing strategies below to stand out above your competitors.

  • Be Positive: Since Facebook has found itself in the spotlight many times in the past couple of years, not necessarily in a good way. The social media giant has had to tighten the reins on its publishers. In light of the negative media, the platform has needed to maintain and heighten its positive image of connecting people across the world. Keeping your Fanpage, content and ads clean and positive will go a long way for your Facebook Marketing Strategies. You will be penalized if you use negative wording, connotations or images. They want to keep people on their platform and feel good about using it. Keeping away from pain points is usually a bad thing to do, but if you want to keep FB happy you will need to keep things positive. Knowing this information will positively affect how you approach your Facebook Marketing Strategies.
Women enjoying Facebook on a nice day
Happy Facebook Users Stay On The Platform Longer
  • Use Lead Ads: Lead ads are a great type of ad to use depending on your advertising objectives. They are incredibly easy to set-up for the marketer. They load the user’s information automatically and Facebook is happy because the user isn’t being sent off the platform. This type of ad converts well because the user can quickly and easily submit their information. Facebook rewards you for staying on the platform and will lower your Click-Through Rate or CTR when it detects a positive user experience. Having the best CTR you can will drive the costs down of your ads and you will get your ads served at a higher rate.
Facebook lead ad comparison
Lead Ads Load Fast Keeping Everyone Happy
  • Use Vertical Video Ads: Bigger is better! When you create your next video ad. Make sure you test different video shapes. The more of the screen that your ad creative covers will help with keeping your audience focused on your ad. Be sure to check each individual placement. The same video will not look the same in a “Facebook Newsfeed Ad” compared to a “Right-hand Column” ad. It is simple math to say that the bigger the ad is the better chance that people will click on it.
Vertical video ads for Facebook marketing strategies comparison
Using Vertical Video Ads Will Augment Your Overall Facebook Marketing Strategies
  • Use Lookalike Audiences And Retargeting Ads: When most media buyers hear Lookalike audience they don’t think beginner or newbie at all. When anyone implements their Facebook marketing strategies they should include LLA’s. Lookalike audiences help FB compare user profiles that you can provide them with a list of previous or current customer emails and it finds the commonalities between them and then serves ads to customers that share a percentage of those data points.
  • Make the Perfect Post: Taking the time to make the “perfect post” should be an integral part of your Facebook marketing strategies. Being devoted to making timely, thought-out useful content will certainly be a key factor in getting more clicks, in turn getting more likes and post shares. Well-written content will get you more organic sharing traffic and lower the cost of your paid ads. Facebook will reward content that gets shared more than content that gets low engagement.
Facebook lookalike audience blue and white
Lookalike Audiences Are Powerful

2 Bonus Facebook Marketing Strategies

  1. Set up your Facebook pixel. This is a very important piece of advice for all marketers using the FB marketing platform. Installing the pixel and knowing how to read the data that FB gives you will be incredibly helpful. The Facebook pixel should be in every marketer’s toolbox. Make sure to add the Facebook Pixel Helper to your browser.
  2. Use Optimal Times During The Day For Your Posts. It goes without saying that posting your content at bad times, like when people are sleeping goes without saying. Research and/or test your the best times to release content to your audience. I have generally found that between 1 pm-3 pm and 7 pm-11 pm has worked the best in the past for me.
Blonde woman writing engaging Facebook Ads
Creating Good Content and Posts

Final Thoughts

The above-mentioned points are just some of the ways that you can begin implementing your own Facebook marketing strategies. There are plenty of other ways to implement these ideas into your business. If you would like to learn more about the topics covered in this article please subscribe to our YouTube channel, Powerhouse Affiliate, and join our community. It’s free to join, and we also offer a paid subscription which gives you access to tons of over-the-shoulder tutorials, templates, and the latest strategies guaranteed to help elevate your business to the next level.

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