6 Must Have Tools to Build a Profitable Niche Authority Site

In this post I want to discuss the 6 tools I used to build this site and many other niche Authority sites.

Let’s talk about Day job Hacks which is considered a “niche authority site”. This site is in the make money online niche or more specifically the blogging and affiliate marketing sub niche.

Before the build process begins on any niche authority site, I write down my main goals and expected sources of traffic.

I make sure I don’t see any major holes in my plan such as compliance or traffic issues, or overly high competition.

The goal of this site is to make money, but more specifically to gather leads and build an email list, and to generate traffic organically from youtube.

When you’re building your niche authority site you need to think of what your main goals are.

One of my main goals with this site is to build a hundred thousand YouTube subscribers. At the time of writing this I was around 100 and that took a lot of work just to get there since I had to build the foundation but also start creating content! There is no easy way to do this. Sure there are software programs that speed things up but the quality of your content is what really wins in the end, and software cannot help you. Check out my video showing how much work it took just for 100 subscribers: How to Get My First 100 Subscribers on Youtube

Of course 100,000 followers is going take a lot of great content, work and time.

I want to document that and show people all the work that is involved in creating such a site. My premium training at powerhouse affiliate talks a lot about paid traffic and CPA traffic which is the “fast way”.

For my own goals I need to get people to sign up to a webinar or free ebook so they become part of my newsletter.

They then become part of my community. By having a community that enjoys the same content within my niche I can then send them more content and monetize my content with good products or ads. This works in ANY niche!

The key is to always have really good content and not just be someone in your niche trying to pitch products.

Getting traffic fast isn’t always the most stable way to build an affiliate marketing business. In the PA training I talk about building a long term stable business with your own branded niche authority site just like this one.

People say it’s really easy to set up websites and set up Authority, but it really does take a lot of work.

I’m going to explain some of the tools that make the job much easier. If you do it properly it’s going to take you some time and skills to really get the job done.

If you’re just starting make sure you get a pen and paper and write down your goals before you even begin. Before you buy your domain name write down your goals and understand what you want to do with your campaign.

I’ve worked on this website with my goals in mind, made it look good and have installed all the plugins I need on the back-end in order to push forward with traffic and monetization.

Niche Authority Site Tool #1 – Optimizepress

This website was made with WordPress using the Optimize Press plugin along with a premium theme that gives me various options I couldn’t find in a free theme.

Free wordpress themes can work just fine for a niche authority site but I wanted a real professional look so I am using Optimizepress and a custom theme. Optimizepress is how I build my actual landing pages and squeeze pages which are designed to either make money selling a product or capturing emails.

I purchased the domain name for this site, Dayjobhacks.com at namecheap.com because it was a fitting name for the content on this site. Professional images along with a few of my own I took myself have been used to spruce things up and so far it’s looking good.

Everything I’m doing around this site is based on the content, and all of the content I’m creating is to achieve the mail goal. I’m always trying to get people to this site to either join the webinar or get a free ebook and then engage in my follow-up sequence and read all of the content and watch the videos that I’m building along with getting as many to subscribe to my youtube channel as possible.

niche authority site

OptimizePress is a plugin I use on about 11 websites. It is perfect for building my funnels. It is basically the start-point for the people who join my lists, and everything can be built with it. In OP3 you can create new pages with tons of templates. I use optimizepress for my lead capture pages on this site and sales pages.

Niche Authority Site Tool #2 – Storyblocks

Storyblocks is a paid service so it’s more expenses that you need to consider if you’re going to do things this way. These are video clips and images that you can search through and use in your authority niche site. There are thousands of them you can find on the premium site and if you just hover over one of the examples then you can see what the video clips are.

authority niche sites

Niche Authority Site Tool #3 TubeBuddy

Tubebuddy is what I use to help me get more traffic to my niche authority site. Since I am also building a youtube following in an effort to get more content out there to drive traffic back to this site I need a tool that helps me do that more efficiently. On Youtube I’m using a plugin called Tubebuddy which gives me information about how to make my videos more SEO friendly so that they show up in the search engines.

I’ve already started seeing my videos show up in search results.  

I also added a Facebook page which also has videos. I use three main channels for social media right now, (youtube, Twitter, Facebook)

I’m not gonna do any more for a few months because really it’s a lot of work and I just want to start getting traffic into the funnel.

Niche Authority Site Tool #4 Google Analytics & Search Console

I put these as the same category because they are both made by google and I always lump them together. You need to use both. I’ve installed Google Analytics plugin on wordpress and added the site to my Google Search console. Setting up proper tracking then pushing some test traffic to the blog will help me tune my goals and set everything up the right way.

Niche Authority Site Tool #5 Rank Math SEO Plugin

If you are planning to post a lot of content then I highly recommend you use a tool like Rank math SEO plugin. It is a free tool and it also connects right into your Google search console so it reports any potential issues you may have in regard to SEO. There is nothing worse than making big mistakes and having to go back and fix them all. Just do it right the first time! Check out my video where I talk about the drastic SEO mistakes I made on Powerhouse Affiliate when I first started that website in 2013. Watch 3 SEO Mistakes to Avoid!

Rank math SEO also gives you a checklist to follow so each post is done properly every single time.

Niche Authority Site Tool #6 – Aweber

The easiest way to get a conversion on your website is to capture a lead! I use Aweber autoresponder to send emails to all of my leads. On every niche authority site I have built I have an Aweber form to capture leads. I offer people a free gift in return for subscribing. Once I create really useful content I send my subscribers to those posts. It not only increases the traffic on my blog but also the revenue since many people who visit will click on a link or share the content if it is good enough.

Hopefully these 6 tools will help you build highly professional niche authority sites with massive traffic!

If you want to see my 20 point checklist for building highly optimized SEO blog posts then watch this video: 20 Point Blog SEO Checklist

Joey Babineau

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