The Fastest Way to Start Making Money Today

If you’re new to affiliate marketing, you’re probably asking yourself “How do I start making even a dollar a day? I just want to know how I can start making money immediately so I can scale up to bigger numbers going forward.”  That’s an excellent question! Today I’m going to talk about how to start making money immediately today with affiliate marketing.

How do you make money starting immediately, today? First of all, you don’t do it with content marketing. But wait a minute, Joey. You’re doing content marketing right now. You’re on YouTube. Yes, I’m on YouTube, and it took me months to make money from YouTube, but it was a very valuable project.

I’ve dedicated a lot of time to it because I know content marketing makes a ton of money. For all of the SEO people out there. Yes, SEO is worth it. But today we’re talking about fast money. SEO is not fast money. Search engine optimization takes months, weeks and sometimes years of hard work before you start seeing results.

Now that we have that out of the way, the best way to start making money today immediately is with paid and free traffic methods that I am going to share with you.

Make money today with affiliate marketing

Join an Affiliate Network or Program

First, let’s talk about what it takes to start making money today. You need to join an affiliate network or an affiliate program. Unfortunately, most affiliate programs are not going to pay you today. They’re going to pay you in about 30 days from now.

So if you join ClickBank, or a CPA affiliate network, you are going to be waiting 30 days to get paid. That is just the reality. That is how affiliate networks work. They review your traffic. They make sure you’re not trying to scam them, and then they make sure that your banking is set up, your website is proper and then they pay you.

Even though you might be earning commissions today, you’re not going to actually get paid today. That’s just how it works.

Now that you know that let’s use ClickBank as an example, because ClickBank is one of the biggest affiliate networks out there, especially for new people starting in the game who want to start making money quickly. ClickBank has a ton of digital products and they actually now have some physical products as well.

You can join ClickBank from pretty much anywhere in the world and they will pay you once you start getting commissions from promoting your affiliate links. For example, in this case, we’re going to go into the ClickBank marketplace and search for a particular product that we think might be good. Then we’re going to eventually get traffic to that affiliate link.

Digital product for affiliate marketing

Find a Product

So, the first step is to find a product. I’ve talked about that multiple times in different training videos on the DayJobHacks YouTube channel. Check them out if you’re not sure how to choose the perfect affiliate product.

I’m going to sort by gravity and I’m going to go into the diet niche, because I know diet is going to be hot. I’m going to choose the keto offer that you see here, and promote this offer as an affiliate. So, if I want to promote it, I simply grab my affiliate link and then I can just take this link.

Keto Clickbank Offer

And as soon as I get people to click on that link, if they buy the product, I earn a commission. So really, as soon as I get my link, I can start earning money. I could just call my mom and say, “Hey, Mom, I think you really need to buy this product. It’s great. Check it out.” If she clicks the link and then she buys it, I make a commission.

Obviously, I’m not going to call my mom and ask her to buy this product; it’s just an example. But let’s just say I send it to 100 people on an email list that I have. If anyone opens that email and clicks the link and makes a purchase, I will earn a commission.

Free Traffic Myths

The problem is, you as a beginner, somebody that’s just getting started, how are you going to get people to click on this link and make money? If you go on YouTube and you search for “free traffic methods” 90% of the videos are going to be completely false.

They’re not going to work because most of them are pitching ideas of taking this link and putting it into places like Quora or putting it into Facebook groups or going to forums. But most of the time, people are in Facebook groups getting their information and if you try to post to a Facebook group, the link is going to be immediately flagged.

You’re not going to be able to post that way, so you need a different strategy. What we need to do is build a landing page. A landing page is the page we’re going to be promoting where people come to the page and then they see information about this keto product. They either enter an email if we’re trying to create an email list or we just create a straight-up landing page.

If you’re not sure how to do that, go to It is a free training guide on how to set this up within 60 minutes. Literally within 60 minutes, you could have a website online with a landing page ready to go, that’s going to promote this product that you just found on ClickBank.

Assuming you have your landing page set up, now you have your own domain. This is a domain name that is not the affiliate link. So when you go into places like Quora, YouTube comments or Facebook groups and you post this link, you can actually get traffic to your page for free.

Remember, I am not pitching free traffic methods here. I’m just telling you that it’s possible. If you actually want to get high quality traffic don’t use the free traffic methods. They’re just short term. You might make a few bucks here and there. You might come out ahead one day and then spend a week trying to get clicks on your affiliate page. It’s just not going to work.

Save money on advertising with coupons

How to Get Premium Traffic Without the Premium Cost

How do you get fast traffic without spending a lot of money? You use coupons. For example, if you go to, you can get $100 in free advertising credit. So basically you can go into Bing, set up an advertisement on the search engine for whenever anybody searches anything related to keto diet.

I set up my ad using the coupon that you’re going to get when you go to When people click your ad, you’re going to send them directly to your landing page. They’re going to see the offer. They will hopefully click on the video link or enter their email address on that landing page.

That will collect their email and send them to the video. They’ll watch the video about keto, and if they convert, I make money. This is called traffic arbitrage or CPA affiliate arbitrage. You might have seen it on YouTube. If you search arbitrage, you’ll find a ton of different videos on it.

traffic arbitrage

In fact, we’ve done an entire in-depth course on traffic arbitrage inside Just go there and sign up for the premium courses. One of them is about arbitrage, where you’re buying traffic from multiple different traffic sources and you’re sending it to a page while hoping that the revenue from your commissions is higher than what you’ve spent on ads. It’s a very simple theory and it can actually start working for you right now if you know how to track and how to actually do this properly.

The best part is that Bing isn’t the only place to get traffic coupons. There are hundreds of different traffic sources that give ad credits. Rich Ads and MGID each have coupons available. If you search on Google for “free ad coupons” you will find results for Google, Facebook, YouTube Ads, Snap Ads, and many others!

So you’re not really spending a lot of money up front and you’re starting to get high quality traffic to your landing pages. This is how professional media buyers operate. This is how we make the $1000 or $10000 days happen. Paid traffic, not content marketing.

Don’t get me wrong! I’m not bashing content marketing by any means. Content marketing is extremely important. That is why I do YouTube videos. That is why I have this blog about affiliate marketing. I love producing content for people online. It makes me money. YouTube pays me to do those videos, but at the same time, I get to share information with people about my niche and what I am truly passionate about.

This is why I do content marketing and I think everyone should be doing content marketing for the long haul because you’re actually building an asset online, you’re building an email list, you’re building something that you can later sell and something that is much more consistent than daily traffic arbitrage.

Are you ready to start making money today with affiliate marketing? Leave a comment below and join the community!

Joey Babineau

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