How to Get Insanely Cheap Traffic for Your ClickBank Campaigns

Today I’m going to tell you how to get insanely cheap traffic and conversions using ClickBank offers. So if you’re looking to make real money using ClickBank, this post is for you!

Feel like following along with a video? Jump over to my YouTube channel, DayJobHacks, and watch over my shoulder as I show you exactly how to get cheap traffic and major conversions with ClickBank.

There’s not a lot of work involved in this method because a lot of the offers on ClickBank already use a video presell page or they already have a very aggressive presell. So you don’t have to really go too far in adapting or creating a really elaborate landing page. Sometimes you can actually even direct link to the offer.

The first thing we need to do is open AdPlexity. I’ve gone over this ad spy tool in detail already, so check out my video if you need more information on that.  So here I am inside AdPlexity. This is what you will see if you have an AdPlexity account. This will be a quick overview of how it works, how you can find excellent working affiliate campaigns, and how to get extremely cheap traffic to your affiliate links.

This is the push ads version of AdPlexity. So push ads, if you don’t know already, are a popular traffic source. They are going to be getting a little bit more difficult as the years go on, but as we know, everything changes in this industry. As of this writing, you can really tap into push ads still and this tool is going to show you all of the campaigns that people are currently running as affiliates right now. It’s an endless supply of different ideas.

Now, there are different strategies for using this tool. And one of the best things you can filter on is that you can look for ads that have been running for a long period of time. Basically, when you find an ad running for a long time, people are making money with it. For those of you who are really new to this, we’re going to monetize the traffic using ClickBank. If you don’t have a ClickBank account, you need to sign up for a free account.

Once you’re logged into ClickBank, you can head over to their Marketplace and you can pretty much promote any of the offers in all of the categories you see there. There are over 20,000 offers so there’s no shortage of opportunity. But now how do you know what to promote? What are people making money with? Well, that’s where AdPlexity comes in.

If I jump back to AdPlexity, I’m going to look at what’s running. I want to find something that’s been running for at least 30 days. You can even go up as high as a year but let’s keep this more realistic.  

So now it’s going to load up the ads that have been running for 30 days or more. If you don’t use a filter, you are going to see a lot of ads on networks that don’t interest you. But if I filter on just ClickBank, now the list becomes much more manageable.

So as you can see here now, I can find basically 17 ads that have been running for more than 30 days using ClickBank offers.

So this is a very good indicator that if somebody’s been running an ad for 30 days, they’re probably making money. This is where I will come in and I’ll look at finding what is the offer now.

So let’s look at this one right here. This one looks good. Seventy-three hits, it’s been running for 19 days. Nine hundred and thirty nine hits here on the global stats, 150 days. And it’s running on a few devices, in different countries.

If you click on it, it’s going to show you more info. You will see the ad, the landing page, and you can see that this person is direct linking and they are using MGID as their primary traffic source.

They’re getting push ads from some other ad networks as well. So what are they doing? They’re direct linking. This is the ad they’re using, it is in French. So they’re running French ads and they’re targeting French countries.

Very simple to see what’s going on here. This one’s been running for 27 days. If you click show more it will show you the actual offer. You can see their tracking links. Then if you want to follow the domain it takes me directly to the ClickBank offer.

 This is the ClickBank offer. Now, if I wanted to do the exact same thing, then I simply just find this offer on ClickBank or find something similar and do something almost the same thing. Probably not very hard to do. Let’s just see in the ClickBank Marketplace if we can find this offer.

It wasn’t hard at all. If we search on the name, we can easily find this offer. So on average, this offer is getting $38 per sale. This affiliate has been running it for a very long time, according to AdPlexity. So if we wanted to promote that ourselves, you simply click there and put it in your account name and generate your hop link and you’re ready to go. Now, I wouldn’t recommend just using that hop link in your ads.

Finding Cheap Traffic

Now, let’s talk about the ads and how you’re going to get extremely cheap traffic. OK, so going back into this, you can see that this person has been using MGID for traffic. They have good push ads, but there’s a ton of push ads available online. Simply just go to Google, search for push ads and you’re going to see all of these networks available.

You’ll see a bunch of ads for push ads. I use RichPush as well, so let’s go into RichPush right now and show you what you can expect in terms of the cost per click here. So here we are inside my RichPush campaigns tab. And as you can see that the cost per click here is extremely cheap.

And I’m actually running this traffic. One of the campaigns is running in Germany and one of them is running in the United States. My cost per click is roughly four cents to four or five cents.

Now, if I was to run in countries like what we found on this spy tool I’m sure the click click costs would be about two cents. You can see that it’s likely that you can get a conversion in a thousand clicks, especially if you’re targeting the right language and using an offer that has a video sales page.

That’s exactly what’s happening here with this offer here. They’re getting about $38 per sale and they’re paying penny clicks. This is precisely what I’ve been doing, running push ads through platforms like this. I’m not generally running ClickBank right now. I’m running CPA affiliate offers and lead generation offers, but it’s a very similar strategy.

In AdPlexity, instead of selecting ClickBank you would select the CPA network and you would be able to see exactly what’s running. Lots of different opportunities here. There’s a ton of opportunity in here to find what’s actually working.

Tracking Tracking Tracking

Now, if you’re looking to do some more advanced tracking to see what is actually happening, I highly recommend you use a third-party tracking platform. I like to use BeMob for this type of traffic, for push ads. They do have a lot of interesting data in there that you can access. It’s free to use.

So you don’t have to have a really big budget. You can basically get started today by finding campaigns like this and running them. All you really need to do is invest in your spy tool. You can get your ClickBank account for free and you can get your BeMob tracking platform for free.

Then you just need to buy your ads, and like I’ve shown you, they’re cheap. Very cheap traffic. In fact, if you want to go to MGID and get $50-$250 of free traffic simply go to and make your first deposit.

You will receive an additional 25% on your first deposit. So you basically get $50 in free traffic, which gives you a ton of clicks meaning you’ll probably break even right away as long as you’re following the training I’ve outline here. Of course, if you are interested in more advanced training, sign up at Powerhouse Affiliate and get instant access to advanced tactics, case studies and more!

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