How to Make $100 a Day With Bing Ads & CPA Affiliate Offers (Whitehat)

Many people who start out with online affiliate marketing have the goal to hit the elusive $100 a day! That’s $100 a day in PURE profit. This happened to be my goal for many years when I began my journey and it finally happened after many trials and errors.

How Did I Make $100 a Day You Ask?

Well I actually used Bing Ads, and it was a lot more than $100 a day once I was able to scale it and optimize it. I absolutely love this traffic source for its simplicity in testing new stuff fast. You generally won’t lose a lot of money (compared to the GIANTS Like Google, Native or Facebook).

With the right offers and some patience pretty much anyone with a little desire to try new things can make money using Bing Ads.

The only thing with Bing is that it can be difficult to scale past the $500 – $1000 a day profit mark. (At least in my experience). But this doesn’t mean you can’t build a winner on Bing and move it to the other traffic sources later.

I recently did a video on Youtube showing inside one of my Bing Ads accounts. I also show the campaigns that earned me my first $100 a day! It was in the sports niche. In this video I also started a new campaign for Black Friday and the holiday season. Hope you enjoy this part 1 of the new Powerhouse Affiliate Case Study.

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Joey Babineau

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