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Adplexity vs Anstrex Review



In this post, I’m going to review Anstrex vs AdPlexity while comparing both platforms. I did this as an example when I was trying to find a winning diet campaign for January. This analysis was done in December, but I think the example is still relevant today and can be applied next year too! 

The idea is to compare the two systems and see which one is easier to find a winning diet campaign. Both of these platforms are spy tools that show you ads on native ad platforms, push ad platforms and other places around the Internet.

There are features of both that are good, but some are better on AdPlexity and some are better on Anstrex. I’m going to show you what I like about each platform, so let’s dive into it! 

Type of Ads on Each Platform

On the main screen when you log onto Anstrex, this is what you would see. 

Adplexity Alternative

One of my favourite things here is that you can simply switch between Push and Native on the drop-down menu from the Anstrex logo. On AdPlexity, on the other hand, you have to pay for each platform separately. 

If you’re unsure of the difference between these two types of ads, and which one is preferable, I recommend checking out this full article on Push Ads vs Native Ads that I wrote a while ago.

Sorting by Days Running

Sorting the ads by the number of days running is one of the biggest filters that you need. You want to see ads that have been running for a long time, because these will be the ones that you can confirm are converting.

What I like about AdPlexity is the fact that I can easily sort this from the slide bar on the left side menu. In this platform, it’s all there, not only the days running but the rest of the parameters too. 

It’s similar on Anstrex, where you can see the number of days these ads have been running on the sliding bar at the top. 

Different Networks To Work With

Ideally, you want to find a network that you’re already working with. In my case, I use networks I work with as an affiliate, because it’s what I’m doing this as. For this example, I’m going to use ClickBank, which is one of the biggest affiliate networks. In fact, I have a guide on How To Make Money on ClickBank that you can check out.

Going back to the spy tools, another difference here is that on AdPlexity, they don’t have as many affiliate networks as you would see over here on Anstrex.

If you filter out by affiliate network, you’re going to see the exact ads that people are running from that network. On AdPlexity, you’ll find the affiliate network option on the left-hand side menu, where you can choose ClickBank (or whatever network you decide to use). On Anstrex, the option for affiliate networks is on the top bar instead. 

Getting Traffic to your ads

Traffic Sources On Each Platform

The next thing we need to consider is that there are a ton of traffic sources out there. We just did the first filter, which only filters what affiliate network is being promoted. There’s also a ton of ad networks on the top bar menu on Anstrex.

Depending on wherever you’re getting your traffic from, you can sort by the exact traffic source that you’re using. On Anstrex, you can see there’s a ton of Taboola ads here as well as Outbrain, together with pretty much all of the mainstream traffic sources.

Taboola ads on Anstrex

On AdPlexity, there aren’t as many traffic sources as you can see on the sidebar. There are less than a dozen of them, so this is another win for Anstrex. 

How To Find Good Ads

The next thing I want to do is to filter the obvious ads that are doing well. I want ads that have been running for 14 days, and I can do that on AdPlexity by moving the sliding bar up to 14 on the days running option on the left bar. What I like about this platform is that you can do a date range on the option on top of the bar, and select the dates you want the ads to have been running. 

Adplexity filter by date

On Anstrex, on the other hand, I can’t do that date range. I can only filter by the number of days it’s been running (on the top bar as shown previously). 

For me, this is a really important parameter that Anstrex is missing out on. I don’t like that you can’t set the dates, because in the example I tried, I only got ads from November and October. None of those ads had been running for the previous 14 days as I wanted to see. 

Other Filters That You Can Use

Another win for AdPlexity is that I like the fact that I can sort by receiving the most traffic (on the sort by drop-down in the top right corner) so I can see immediately what ads are getting the most traffic. 

And that is another win for AdPlexity as all of the information is right on the main page.

Is Adplexity better than Anstrex?

On Anstrex, I can’t filter by the most amount of traffic and I can only see these two stats on each ad, which I don’t trust much. I don’t understand the algorithm, so I can’t say I trust it. The stats shown are their gravity and their ad strength.

Personally, I like to see the number of hits it’s had in the last 14 days. And with AdPlexity, I can see that rate just by hovering over the ad. I can’t do it with Anstrex. 

In conclusion, it’s a lot faster to work on AdPlexity to find these offers. 

Searching by Category & Anstrex Fail

So the next thing you’d want to do is to filter by the category you’re after, in this case, diet. I’m looking for ads or landing pages about diet. 

On AdPlexity you can choose if you want to see what’s on the landing page or the ad info. You can also filter by images, advertisers, publisher placements, and a lot more stuff. All of these options are available on the query bar.

Anstrex it’s a little bit more cumbersome for these settings. You have to go over to the search button on the top right, but when you add the parameter you want to look for… It resets all of the previous parameters! 

Basically, you have to start over. This is a glitch and the one thing that for me, almost ruins Anstrex. AdPlexity keeps all of the filters in place when a new search is done, and just filters out ads about diet when requested.

Winner Ad for Diet and Stats

After looking at the ads, I found that the keto diet plans seemed to be the winner. 

By selecting landing page on the top options, you might get more ads that you didn’t see before. This is why I would suggest using the landing page filter. You’re going to get more options because a lot of people aren’t putting diet into their ad text or their ad headline. A lot of the strategies in this niche involve keeping the ads a little vague to spark interest. 

Inside Anstrex, I had to reset all the parameters again, and once I did, I did get a little more information. 

Come into the ad on AdPlexity, I can start looking at all of the data straight away. You can easily see all of the countries that are running, which show right at the top and scrolling down, you have all of the data on one page.

Adplexity makes it easy to see all the info in one place

It makes it much easier to filter through, as most of the information is in the form of easy-to-read graphics. You can see the device types, the days of the week they target, and the trends running. You can see all of their publishers by duration, the placement IDs, and all on one page.

A super win for AdPlexity here, because it’s all together, plus I can just look at the landing page chart on the top right, and see which one’s been running the longest by the number of days running. If I click on the longest-running one on show more, they’re going to filter out my referrer, and it’s going to show me the landing page.

What To Do Once You Choose Your Preferred Ad

While on AdPlexity, you can start to filter more and look at what ad platforms are being used, simply by looking at Traffic Source by Duration, In this example, it’s RevContent. So this was very easy to do and to get all this information. 

On Anstrex, however, I only got two ads for results in the last 18 days. Kind of hard to see any other ads because I can’t filter by landing page versus ad. I’m sure I could if I went into the depths of their search function, but it’s just a little harder to find. 

When entering the ad, I’m not getting all of the other data on the one-pager that we wanted to see from AdPlexity. 

Anstrex is more cumbersome than Adplexity

You can go into the little tabs at the top and find the stats, which will give you pretty much the same info we found on AdPlexity. It’s just harder to navigate.

So, it’s not a big win for AdPlexity considering that you can still get that info here. 

Another small win for Anstrex in the stats is that it shows you the percentage of the traffic that they think this affiliate is running on. You can see the publisher as well as the traffic source. 

Once you have all the information, you can move on to Google Display Network if you’re running compliant and run your ads on there and probably make some serious cash if you find some good placements. If you’re thinking about this, make sure to check on the Mistakes That Will Ruin your GDN Campaign!

Final Thoughts

Both platforms have a lot of information. I’m going to say if I had to choose a winner between AdPlexity and Anstrex, it would be a very tough one to choose. They both can process the same amount of information.

That being said, I do like the filtering better on AdPlexity because of all of the ease of use. And it doesn’t reset your searches every time you do a new search, you can still look at all of the placements, all of the publishers, everything inside AdPlexity.

While you’re paying more for AdPlexity, I think the ease of use is worth the additional price. Anstrex is a lot cheaper, but I think AdPlexity is a lot easier to use. If you’re on a budget though, and you want the same information, if not more, you can use the Anstrex listings.

In reality, I use both, as I think they’re both good tools. If you want discounts on either of them, check out these links: I have a great discount link rate for both AdPlexity and Anstrex. Using my discounts is also a great way to support my work, and it’s always highly appreciated! 

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