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Voluum Tracker Review – Waste of Money – 3 Voluum Alternatives



I was hesitant in posting this negative Voluum Tracker Review because for some reason Voluum Tracker seems to be the “cool” thing in the industry.

Every forum, Facebook group and article out there has people claiming it’s this magical piece of software that is the missing link in their success. Don’t fall for it. Voluum is a waste of money and I am going to explain why.

Don’t worry I am not bitter just because they don’t refund customers after hours of purchasing. But keep this in mind, any company that can’t refund a customer within 24 hours of purchase is in financial trouble or just plain morally corrupt. 🙂

Would you trust a company like that with all of your precious data?

That was just one of their many problems.

I have used Voluum twice over the last 3 years and both times it caused major problems with my campaigns.

voluum tracker review

You might be asking why did I go back if it royally sucked the first time?

Well that’s a different story but there was one Voluum feature they had that I wanted to test. It turned out to be a security issue with me. (uploading conversions to Google automatically by integrating with my ad account)

The major problems I have experienced with Voluum Tracker are “Malware and unwanted software” errors from Google, click loss, drastic drops in landing page CTR (shown below), roller coaster pricing models, and a lack of real data security.

So let’s cover a few points and talk about good Voluum alternatives.

Voluum Tracker Review – Pricing Comparison

Pricing definitely isn’t the most important thing when it comes to tracking because if the tracker is a good it will pay for itself usually within a day if you run good traffic.

voluum alternative

Let’s first talk about pricing – who knows what their pricing really is after a roller coaster of price changes in 2019.

First it was $99, then $249, then $299, now $69 (with no real features) unless you upgrade to their “recommended” package of $149 per month.

Whatever reason they used in the first place to increase the pricing is now all of a sudden not important anymore? This really speaks to their integrity and how over priced this type of software really would have been at $299. Here is what I think happened – they tried to squeeze as much as they could out of their existing clients and realized after a public backlash, and likely a ton of closed accounts that it was a huge mistake.

Voluum Tracker Review – Data Security

Voluum hosts all of your data on their servers. Now this is common on many affiliate tracking software programs including Thrive, Funnel Flux, Bemob, Ads Bridge etc.

I don’t like this but many people don’t care.

The question comes down to how much loss would it be if you lost all your data or if someone was able to see all of your data? You need to ask yourself this and determine if this really matters to you.

As an affiliate marketer it is very important that I keep my most sensitive evergreen campaigns a secret since most of the time they will only last for a long period of time if no one really knows about them.

I need to make the most money from those campaigns before its over. I feel comfort in hosting my own data with programs like CPV lab Pro. Funnel flux and Thrive Tracker also offer a self hosted option.

Another problem I had with Voluum security was the idea that they wanted to integrate with my Google ads account in order for me to use the upload conversions feature. I don’t like the idea of them having access to my ad account. CPV Lab Pro offered a solution that required google to update my conversions via a secure protected link which means I don’t have to give up access to my ad account.

Voluum Tracker Review – Malicious Unwanted Software Error

For anyone who runs Google traffic this may pose an issue.

Basically Google flagged my domains because of the landing page code that was needed for Voluum tracker to properly track traffic. When I contacted Voluum they knew about the issue and it had something to do with the way the A records were configured for their custom domains. Since then the tracking code has changed and it appears to work with parallel tracking but it introduced another issue in data and CTR.

Voluum Tracker Review – Data & LP CTR

I will be honest I do like the fact that Voluum has really good Traffic source templates, and they make it easy to view different data from traffic sources. Their ability to drill down to see where opportunities exist is also very nice, but this is also available on other trackers I mention in this post.

On the downside within hours of implementing the Voluum direct tracking feature my CTR dropped by 16%! That is enough to put me into RED and no profits.

Here is the CTR from the exact same campaign I ran on CPV Lab Pro for the last 30 days:

Compare that to Voluum for the exact campaign:

This is a MASSIVE difference in landing page click through rate.

There is no wonder why many people fail at online marketing!

If you were new to online marketing and had nothing to compare to, and just assumed Voluum was the real deal, how would you know that the reason you failed is not because of your ads or campaign, but it is because your tracker is failing you miserably.

While there are many theories as to why this happened it comes down to a couple of things.

It could be their server is not as fast but that is highly unlikely since I was not even using a redirect.

I believe this comes down to how Voluum tracks direct traffic and the improvements in browser security.

Again we come back to security issues with Voluum tracker and how it fails.

They use a custom header script to track direct traffic. I believe some browsers are flagging this script. (only a theory but I don’t have time to troubleshoot this when there are readily available alternatives)

Direct traffic tracking is extremely important to get right especially if you are running on Facebook or Google!

If you run Facebook or Google traffic you must use what Google calls “parallel tracking” or you risk being banned for “Trying to circumvent systems”. This means both of those traffic sources HATE REDIRECTS so you need to track traffic directly.

If you are running direct traffic campaigns on Voluum right now and you haven’t tested this against another tracker it’s time you do. You could be missing out on thousands of clicks and a higher LP CTR!

Voluum Tracker Alternatives

If I haven’t convinced you yet that Voluum tracker could be failing… that’s ok…but at least you should split test a segment of your traffic using another tracker just to be certain that it is not failing YOU.

Here are some alternatives you can test.

Voluum Tracker Alternative # 1 –

CPV LAB PRO (my most current tracking solution)

This is my number 1 recommendation for everyone to test.

(This is the only one I am an affiliate for because I actually believe it is the best solution for me, and if you want to help support me please use my affiliate link)

CPV Lab Data & Security

Whether or not you think someone would ever look at your data I can assure you just by talking to people in the industry that it happens rampantly! If you can make it harder for people to put the pieces of the puzzle together then do it.


voluum reviews

CPV lab pro allows you to host your own data. This allows me to sleep at night

I have always been somewhat of a conspiracy theorist with my data and I like having full control. While we may never be able to keep all of our data away from prying eyes, we can certainly make it harder for people to figure out where conversions are really happening.

The only connection between the CPV lab software and the people who built it is the licensing key. The software must confirm your license key with CPV Lab Pro server in order to work. So if their server crashes you wont be able to login to your tracker, BUT – your links would still track and you won’t go broke because your server will still serve the redirects and direct tracking code.

This actually happened in early 2019 to the masses.

At that time it was rumored that the current owner had personal issues and the server was not going to be updated to the point where it actually crashed. Facebook groups were full of people wondering WTF was up. CPV lab support at the time was flooded with queries and they actually did respond.

I was unable to login to my CPV lab instance but my clicks and revenue kept rolling in.

Immediately upon this happening the staff created a new version called CPV Lab Pro and migrated people to the new platform. Since then I will honestly say the support has been extremely helpful.


I currently run this tracker on Liquid Web dedicated server but a dedicated server is not required for low amounts of traffic.

The direct tracking feature uses an HTML or PHP version and is not a header script. The script seems to bypass any security issues browsers have so the CTR is much better in my testing. As you can see from my data above the CTR on direct traffic is excellent.

The reporting is not as easy to manage as voluum but all of the data is still there. You just need to be a little more analytical in how you read drill down reports. This is just the price I pay to ensure better tracking and security.


Speaking of pricing the cost for CPV lab pro is $49 a month billed annually. There are no limits to how many tracking domains you use, or how many clicks you run through it. So you save $1200 a year and you have no limits.

Other Voluum Alternatives.

When I compiled this voluum tracker review I wanted to make sure I didn’t leave out some other great tools I have tried or heard about from my industry peers. These two trackers I would also recommend testing since they do have self hosted versions. (I get no compensation for recommending these two options)

Thrive Tracker – this is a program that I did use in the past and it worked fine. In fact the reason I tested it at the time was because of the CPV lab drama in early 2019 but it wasn’t good enough for me to stick around. I really didn;t like that they hook you in with a low monthly pricebut once you get inside you actually have to pay more monthly fees to get key features required for proper tracking and you pay $10 per tracking domain. I ended up going back to CPV lab pro. Thrive does have a self hosted version but some of the features do not work in their self hosted version. The pricing seems cheap at first if you run less than 100,000 clicks a month. But as you go over this it starts to get pricey. I am not a fan of tracking solutions that charge you per click – IMO its just a way to milk you more.

Funnel Flux – I have not used Funnel Flux but I do have friends who used it very successfully running Facebook ads. Their recommended pricing option is $249 and they boast that you won’t be milked as bad for high volume campaigns. In fact you get up to 10 million clicks on each plan. They also have a self hosted option if data privacy is a priority.



  1. Nate

    November 12, 2019 at 7:06 pm

    Awesome read!

    I switched to Voluum 3 months ago and was deeply disappointed.

    I wasn´t even able to setup a custom tracking domain with my subscription plan.

    My old tracker offered me that and was a third of the price.

    Just after I found out that I wasn´t able to use a custom tracking domain, I asked for a refund. (I assumed a “big player” with this high price would offer that as a standard)

    But they denied my request, even though it was like 6 hours after purchase…

    And the worst part is, I bought a yearly subscription…

    Yes, they are morally corrupt. Also they are extremely overpriced for what they offer.

    Well lesson learned.

    This article should be read by every affiliate marketer to avoid being scamed.

    I´m glad I´m not the only one who noticed this.

    Thank you!

  2. AfiLoL

    November 14, 2019 at 12:03 pm

    >Has Voluum for “two days” but shows a performance of a lander from the last 30 days and compares it to another solution with cropped timeranges
    >All right then xD

    • Joey from Day Job Hacks & Powerhouse Affiliate

      November 14, 2019 at 12:11 pm

      Congrats on being the first troll on my site. What makes you think anything is cropped to hide something, and what value would anyone get out of cropping a pic to hide a date range to show LP CTR? Why don’t people think before they comment…LOL.

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