12 Free Affiliate Tools To Make You Work More Efficiently

Deciding to become an affiliate either part-time or full time can be a daunting task. You need to manage your time, cashflow and focus among other things. Using tools especially these free affiliate tools can help you manage these things ultimately giving you better results in both the short and long term.

Finding the right tool for a task that saves you time and money can be a Eureka moment for affiliates at any level of experience! Check out the list below of 12 free affiliate tools to make you work more efficiently. This list can apply to affiliates of all experience levels and backgrounds.

If you are completely new to Affiliate marketing please checkout Performance Marketing Explained In 5 Minutes before you read this article.

1. WordPress

The most robust, well-known and reliable CRM available to the public hands-down is WordPress. It is easy to use, versatile and above all free! As an affiliate, you need to be able to easily navigate a functional website, and using WordPress covers them all.

If you are new to WP you can choose a free template and customize it to your wants and needs. Conversely, it is completely suitable for the most experienced computer science and blogging nerds around.

Google keyword planner

2. Google Keyword Planner:

The Cadillac of keyword search and SEM information tools, Google Keyword Planner can be used in most Internet Marketing Campaigns, not just search ones. Look for high search volume along with affordable bids while mapping out your campaigns.

Make sure to use purchasing/buying keywords as you want to convert traffic along with getting general site visitors. Helping to ensure that visitors make it to your site, stay and hopefully perform the desired conversion is paramount to your online search campaign success.


3. Bemob:

Third-Party tracking is generally a must for affiliates that want to be able to collect data and track their campaigns. If you are a newbie or a seasoned veteran BeMob is certainly a solution that can grow with you. They currently offer 100k free events with full versatility. You can track the user flow from Impression all the way through to conversion allowing you to drill down and use that data to make your campaign more money.

If you need to track more traffic you can upgrade for as little as $25 more per month, all the way up to the $499 plan that gives you 30 Million events per month with some other perks.

If you are in the market for your first tracking system or its time for a switch make sure to consider BeMob. You won’t regret it.


4. Uber Suggest:

If you are reading this article you probably already know who the IM guru Neil Patel is, and if you don’t already you should take some time to review his Internet Marketing tips. Neil is the creator of the premium search tool Ubersuggest, is a great tool every search engine marketer should at least try.

Although there are other options out there his tool can give you new ideas and tactics to try in your Seo and PPC ventures. You should definitely check out Ubersuggest and Neil’s other content.

5. Flippa

This tool or website is as simple as the name suggests…. a website for flipping websites. It is great for affiliates who want to buy a ready-built website with measurable data included before the sale actually happens. Basically Flippa is an online bidding marketplace for websites. Consider it amazon for Internet Marketing. Flippa is also a great tool for those who for whatever reason need to sell their web properties.

Buying a website will generally give you a leg up and save you time from creating a website from scratch. This being said make sure to check out the legitimacy and quality of the backlinks on your prospective website before handing over your hard-earned money.

6. Yoast SEO

The Yoast Seo plugin is one of the SEO plugins that I use on my websites. The plugin automatically adds advanced SEO options to all the pages of your website.

Although this tool is free it offers a “24-hour support” and a state of the art redirect function. It removes links that you don’t want anymore or are broken for you.

I also use Rank Math Plugin as another alternative to this plugin.

7. Canva

Canva is a simple and effective tool that can be used by Affiliate Marketers of all levels of experience, without sacrificing quality or graphic appeal. Although this is an article for Free Affiliate Tools To Make You Work More Efficiently, Canva has a charge after a 30-day free trial. This allows you to see its value in quality productions and the money and time that you save while making creatives. They offer monthly and yearly plans.

You are able to edit images, make custom ebook covers, custom images. It does not allow you to make videos but you can add many features to ones that you import into the tool. Even a completely new Affiliate can use the tool and come out with a professional-looking campaign. You would be surprised by how many well-known brands use Canva successfully.


If you are looking to learn from and utilize the information from your competition, then look no farther. Although SEMRush is only free for 7-days, you will be able to see its value and if it fits in your affiliate toolbox.

SEMRush provides you with detailed data on everything from your competitions public relations strategy, paid and social traffic and of course search traffic data. Their user interface is extremely pleasant and easy to use. This is also a company that has great customer support and can help you as you grow.

9. Compressjpeg.com

This completely free tool allows you to compress your images (up to 20 of them at once) in an easy and fast online tool. For anyone using images in their content for SEO and other purposes, this tool is a lifesaver.

Having small images just doesn’t mean reducing the number of pixels. It is very important to reduce the file size as much as possible. It increases the load speed of the page keeping google and people consuming your content happy. Google likes happy users, and by keeping people on your website longer Google know’s they ended up where they should be.

You can do one image at a time or download as many as 20 at once in a .zip file. If you are planning on blogging or using many images don’t overlook this completely free affiliate tool to make you work more efficiently.

10. GIMP

When the general population thinks of an image manipulation program most will think of Photoshop or even resort to good ol Paint. While these tools will work great for most applications many affiliates will use the free open-source program called GIMP – GNU Image Manipulation Program.

Gimp should certainly work for most affiliates outside of the most experienced ones who need the super expert applications that Photoshop provides.

11. Lean Domain Search

Although I have placed Lean Domain Search near the bottom of the 12 Free Affiliate Tools To Make You Work More Efficiently list, it most likely will be one that you will need to use throughout your affiliate career.

The domain name search tool provides you with domain name suggestions that use a word or words that you type in the search bar. The tool provides you with ample domain name options directly related to your website or product instantly. Having a domain that closely matches the product or service you are offering will make google happy and be more inviting for customers to get out their credit card.

12. Google Trends

Google Trends gives you up to date information on what the world wide web is searching for in real-time easy to use format. Whether it is how many times someone has searched for your “how to make candles” blog; or to look up how many times Kim Kardashian is searched each month.

Google Trends, the last suggestion on the 12 Free Affiliate Tools To Make You Work More Efficiently is probably the easiest to use on the list.


So did I miss any? Comment below!

I know that this list is a lot of information to take in all at once. Just check out each tool and see if it fits into your affiliate toolbox. I hope that you enjoyed reading 12 Free Affiliate Tools To Make You Work More Efficiently. Please let me know what affiliate tools you can’t live without. Cheers and thanks for reading.

Joey Babineau

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