PiPiADS Review – 100% Tested TikTok Ads Spy Tool

With features to track best-performing products and campaigns, spy on competitors’ campaign performance, and improve ad quality, PiPiADS is certainly the best TikTok Ads spy tool I have tested and far surpasses the capabilities of TikToks very own creative library.

In this Pipiads Review, I will describe why PipiADS is the #1 TikTok Ads Spy Tool. Keep in mind I personally use this for finding ad ideas for my own campaigns so I will show actual examples.

I’ll be taking a closer look at all the features, pros & cons, pricing, and more to help you decide whether this is the best tool for you to optimize your TikTok campaigns.

Let’s get started.

100% Tested PiPiADS Review

PiPiADS Review

Quick Take:


PiPiADS provides the largest TikTok ad database around – it’s also easy to use and provides extensive info on the best-performing ads and products, all with search tools that make it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for


Advertisers who have TikTok ads as a core part of their digital marketing strategy




Try Pipiads with a 3-day trial for $1 (Monthly Plans range from $128-$263)

PiPiADS Review – What is PiPiADS?

PiPiADS is the largest searchable database of TikTok ads in the world.

Its features allow users to identify best-selling products on TikTok, leverage competitors’ campaign data, find and replicate high-quality ads, and more.

It also comes with Etsy Product and Etsy Store features, that allow users to find out what products are in high demand on the Etsy platform, as well as a Shopify Spy Tool that allows you to track best-selling products and competitors’ ads performance on Shopify.

pipiads review
PiPiADS Review – TikTok Ads Search feature

PiPiADS pricing starts at $128 per month with a 3-day trial for $1, (use discount code DAYJOBHACKS for another 20% OFF) and it has two pre-defined plans for different usage limits, as well as an Enterprise plan with customized features and pricing.

PiPiADS Review – Features

PiPiADS’ key features for the TikTok spy tool include an extensive ad database with easy search filters, easy ways to find best-selling products, competitors’ campaign data which helps to create your strategy, and the ability to find all the ads one advertiser is running.

These features are not available on the TikTok Ad Creative library. Pipiads also gives you a better look at ALL ads running since it doesn’t matter if users opted out. (users can opt out of being featured on the TikTok creative library)

Pipiads also comes with a Shopify Spy Tool, as well as a feature to identify the best-performing products and stores on Etsy, a global online marketplace where people come together to buy and sell unique items.

PiPiADS Review – Key Features

-Winning Product

-Competitor Ad Tracking

-Quality ad material

-Shopify Spy Tool

-Etsy Product & Etsy Store

Let’s dive deeper into some of these features and how they work:

Winning Product

With PiPiAds Winning Product feature, you can easily find the products that are attracting the most traffic and generating the best performance.

It includes a complete search bar that allows you to filter products by location, price, category, ad impressions, like rate, and other filtering options, and sort by impressions, likes, first or last ad date, and more.

pipiads review
PiPiADS Review

After clicking on a specific product, you’ll see all the product info, as well as its total number of impressions, likes, comments, and shares. You can also see all the ads related to it, their total expenditure, and how each of them performed.

Pipiads Review

Competitor Ad Tracking

By clicking on the Advertiser tag on the menu, you can access all the data from TikTok’s advertisers and their campaigns.

The amount of data available is quite impressive, going from basic info like which ads are best performing and what they look like (copy and design) to a complete ad schedule with the days and times when the ad was running.

You can also see how much they’ve spent on each ad and campaign and their cost per result.

By using this feature, you’re able to hugely optimize your campaigns and apply optimized strategies by leveraging your competitors’ growth efforts without having to spend a lot of time and other resources yourself.

PiPiADS Review

Filtering options to find advertisers include categories, country or region, e-commerce platform, ad amount, impressions, likes, and more. Or, you can just type their name in the search box too, in case you’re looking for a specific advertiser.

Quality ad material

Besides being the largest database for TikTok ads, PiPiADS also allows you to simply copy and paste the ads you like into your own campaigns while making all the edits you need.

This allows you to save a lot of time in ad creation while easily replicating what’s working best in the market.

In addition, they also provide a creative library that brings in a lot of inspiration on ad style, copy, and more, all optimized for TikTok, that you can also copy and paste to your ads.

Shopify Spy Tool

Despite being focused on TikTok, PiPiAds also provides a Shopify Spy Tool that allows you to access data and insights about your e-commerce business and how it compares to competitors using the PPSPY Chrome extension.

It allows you to run analysis on different aspects of your store, including the theme, channels, and best-selling products, while live monitoring sales. It also allows you to monitor your competitors’ stores and gain insights about strategies that you could replicate to optimize your own.

Etsy’s Top Products & Stores

In case you don’t know, Etsy is a global online marketplace where people come together to make, sell, buy, and collect unique items, that has generated over US$ 12.2 billion in gross transactions in 2021.

PiPiADS offers an Etsy feature that allows you to identify the best-selling products and stores there as well. Like in the TikTok features, the search bar comes with several filtering and sorting options like total sales, views, and sales growth.

Etsy Product search bar

Easy to use

One thing to notice is how intuitive the platform is, providing what you need to achieve your goals without making it overcomplicated or unfriendly for beginners.

The interface has a menu at the top with all the features. When you click on one of them, you’ll always see a search bar with all the filtering and sorting options for each feature and the results below.

From there, it’s pretty easy to customize your search based on what you’re looking for and get clear and organized results.

PiPiADS Review – Support

PiPiADS offers email and Skype support on all plans. When you purchase any plan, you’ll also have a sales consultant that you can reach out directly if you need, even after hiring.

PiPiADS Review – Pricing

PiPiADS offers two plans: VIP and PRO, starting at $128 and $181 per month with annual billing, respectively. You can also opt for paying monthly with prices rising to $155 and $263 per month, and they both come with a 3-day trial for $1.


Both plans are quite similar in terms of features, with the only difference being the Block history and advertiser feature, which is only available in the PRO plan.

The main difference between the VIP and PRO is in the usage limits. While the VIP plan allows you to search up to 1,000 ads and advertisers per query, view up to 200 ad and advertiser details per day, and search up to 200 products, the PRO plan comes with 3,000, 1,000, and 1,000 of those limits, respectively.

PiPiADS Review

It’s also worth noticing that, by creating a free account, you’ll be able to navigate through the platform and test all the features on it, except that you’ll have an extremely limited number of search results.

Although that probably won’t be enough for you to get any actual insights to use in your campaigns, that’ll most likely be enough to get a good taste of the platform and what it can do for you.

Additionally, for those who need higher usage limits and more advanced features, PiPiADS also offers the Enterprise plan with customized features and pricing.

PiPiADS Review – Pros and Cons

As said earlier, PiPiADS offers a clean interface that makes it easy for new users to get used to it, which includes a menu with all the features and, inside each of them, a search bar with all the filtering and sorting options available.

The data of each advertiser, product, or ad also gets displayed in a clean manner.

Speaking of data, another pro is the amount of information available that goes beyond basics and includes things like the type of button used on the ad, the ad schedule, and more.

It’s also worth highlighting the huge ad database and the ability to easily copy and paste any ads you like into your campaigns. Their creative library also gives you extra options, as well as insights on ways to improve your ads.

On the downside, however, there’s a lack of training and tutorials on how to use the platform.

Either way, you can try all the features with a free account (although with very limited search results) and use it normally during the $1 3-day trial to see how it applies to your use case before spending anything else.


-Easy to use and clean UI

-Amount of data available on ads, products, and advertisers

-Large ad database and creative ad library, from which you can copy and paste ads

-Free account to check the platform + a 3-day trial for $1 with all the features

– Less expensive than most other spy tools out there.

-Primarily built for TikTok


-Lack of tutorials and guides on how to use the platform

PiPiADS Review – How It Compares to Alternatives

PiPiADS differentiates from alternatives by having a more narrow focus on TikTok specifically and having the largest TikTok ad database I have seen yet.

Rather than splitting its focus on other large social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter – they focus on being really good at one thing. That is why it is the go to TikTok Ad Spy tool in my Affiliate toolkit.

This allows them to bring features and insights to your TikTok campaigns that other tools weren’t primarily built for.

Pipiads also differentiates from most competitive intelligence software by offering features to identify best-selling products, as well as to easily recreate optimized ads from its creative library and ad database.

Other tools like PowerAdSpy and DropiSpy don’t even come close to the capabilities this tool has.

Overall, if you invest a high budget on ads, or if your digital marketing efforts are more aimed at TikTok, PiPiAPS will most likely be a great investment.

PiPiADS Review – Final Thoughts

PiPiADS provides the largest TikTok ad database around with extensive data on ads you cannot find anywhere else (including the TikTok ad creative library). You can easily spy on competitors, and best-selling products, as well as access additional features like the creative ad library and the ability to easily copy and paste any ads you like into your own campaigns.

In conclusion, PiPiADS is very likely the best platform to take your TikTok campaigns to their ultimate level and, depending on the amount you invest in TikTok ads, you’ll certainly get an excellent ROI from it. Hopefully you enjoyed this Pipiads review and good luck with your TikTok Ads campaigns!

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