6 Tips on How To Make Money From Your Website

Looking for tips on how to How To Make Money From Your Website? Look no further! Here are 6 ways that will help you reach your goals.

Making money from your website isn’t rocket science, but you will need to consider a few things before, during and after creating content. Most search engines and ad platforms reward their content creators who provide relevant and easy to consume information.

1. Generate Leads and Sales for Customers

getting leads and sales for your customer
Lead Funnels Can Help You

No matter what type of business you can think of it will need to compete for customers. It is important to have a steady stream of new potential customers or leads coming in on a regular basis.

It certainly isn’t a surprise to hear that companies are always on the lookout for new and creative ways to acquire leads to help their business grow in the long and short term.

Let’s say you have a website about teaching math skills. Your reader’s information (like their email address or phone number) would be of great value to different online schools that are looking to sell their courses to eager, proactive students.

Let’s say that you have a website that reviews new gadgets and technology. Your readers’ contact information would be very valuable to companies that sell e-commerce products.

CPA Networks are affiliate networks that have these types of offers that pay you per lead.

2. Email List Building

collecting emails for your email list
Creating An Email List Can Be A Great Tool to Make Money From Your Websites

If you have researched how to make money from your website, you will have most definitively come across beginners and gurus alike proclaiming that “the real money in is your list”. This means your email list, which contains your most valued and loyal readers. The goal is to provide your email subscribers with the most engaging content once you have converted them into long-term followers.

Truthfully this is not a fly-by-night method on how to make money from your website. It has great long-term value and can be used to make Lookalike Audiences for Facebook and other platforms.

Always try to create meaningful relationships with your followers. Offering great content is a perfect way to begin. Spamming people’s inbox with unwanted offers is a sure-fire way to lose their trust and destroy your long-term goals.

3. Website Flipping

Buying and selling websites
Flipping Websites Can Be A Profitable Venture

No matter what type of website you have built, there will generally be someone willing to buy it!

This means that if you have amassed a following(or even sold a couple of products or have Adsense revenue from your site), you can probably flip the site to someone for a decent payday.

In all honesty, I wouldn’t advise people to plan from the outset to build websites or blogs for the purpose of selling them. I believe that creating a valuable content site is worth more in the long run.

Although I recommend that you build a blog or website for the long haul, flipping websites can be profitable in the short term, or when the right offer comes along. A good rule to follow is that your site is worth about 15 to 20 times the average of its last 3 months’ income. For example, if your site is making 800 dollars per month with Google Adsense each month, you could reasonably ask $12,000 to $16,000 for it.

The only service that I have used is Flippa, not to say there aren’t other good options out there. A colleague of mine uses Digital Acquisitions for one reason or another. Both of these sites have provided positive experiences.

4. Sell Ad Space

Another great way how to make money from your website is to sell your own ad space directly to companies looking to advertise. You can use Google Analytics to get the metrics you need to decide on how much to charge for each placement. “footer banner ads are $300 per month”

You may also want to charge per how many visitors see the ad spots that you have sold. Generally, you decide upon a certain “CPM” or cost per 1000 impressions. You can simply calculate your revenue by multiplying your CPM, lets say $4 CPM. If the website gets 80,000 visitors you would multiply your $4 dollar cpm by 80, at that rate you would make $320 dollars from that one placement over the period of one month.

The upside is if the site gets a ton of traffic from many sources you can expect thousands of dollars per month. The clear downside is if your site does not have much traffic your revenue will be directly proportionate to that.

5. Pay Per Click Advertising (Google Adsense)

Google Adsense logo
Google Adsense Could Be The Best Way To Monetise Your Websites

Google Adwords are the ads that you see at the top of Google when you search for any keywords or phrases.

Google Adsense is how you can monetize your site with those ads. Adsense can be the backbone of your how to make money from your website strategy. It gives bloggers and website owners the ability to tap into the world’s largest advertising network with simple integration on their current website.

The ultimate bonus is the simplicity the system offers.

After you sign up and get approved by Google Adsense, they will give you some code to put on your websites. The code helps google to learn what content you are providing to your followers and serves ads relative to that. If you have a parenting website, Google will serve ads helpful to people with kids.

It is really as simple as getting paid every time someone clicks on the ads on your website.

@Your cut might be anywhere from $0.50 to $5 per click sometimes even more! When your site has enough traffic, you can earn thousands of dollars each month.

Before you apply for your Google Adsense account take some time to familiarize yourself with their most recent terms of service. Google has very strict rules, so be nice and follow their rules.

6. Creating Amazing Content Is How To Make Money From Your Website

Man shouting his content through a loud speaker on How To Make Money From Your Website
Making Great Content And Delivering It To Your Audience Will Help You Make Money

Keywords are targeted by writing awesome content and using those keywords many times throughout your blog posts and articles. You don’t need to be silly about it but a 2 percent keyword density is a good general rule. As an example here is an optimized article on How to Build a Profitable Authority Niche Website.

The length of your blog post or article should be at least 1000 words or more depending on your subject. You will need to have a mix of compelling content and great value. Once you deliver good value through content, you will rank higher in Google and likely make more revenue from your website.

Final Thoughts

Making money with your website is not difficult if you plan properly and take action. Depending on your niche and the size of your audience, you could earn decent revenue.

If you want to know more about How To Make Money From Your Website Check out this article on the Top 8 Free Affiliate Marketing Programs For Beginners & Easy Methods To Promote Them.

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