Top 5 Affiliate Marketing Courses With Absolutely No Bull.

While affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to generate income online, it requires hard work and persistence from you to succeed.

That’s why it’s so crucial to make sure you’re following the right principles and strategies so that your work actually brings you the results you want.

In this article, we’ll be showing you the five best affiliate marketing courses in the market this year.

We’ll be covering their features, who they’re best for, their pros & cons, and more, so you can pick the one that gives you the best odds at succeeding.

What affiliate marketing courses can do for you

There are many steps involved in building a successful affiliate marketing business.

Building and growing an audience, creating a lot of content on a single niche, running link-building campaigns to generate organic traffic, and the list goes on.

Even if you do everything right, all those things take time to generate results.

Approach them in the wrong way and you might easily waste months or years of your life without getting the results you’re looking for.

Best Affiliate Marketing Courses

Or, you can take an affiliate marketing course taught by those who’ve already made it and save yourself hundreds of hours of work.

By taking a course and applying what you learn, you’ll make sure that you’re using the exact strategies you need to achieve success.

Here are some of the things that affiliate marketing courses can help you with:

  • Identifying and picking a profitable niche
  • Generating organic traffic
  • Creating landing pages and offers that sell
  • Managing and optimizing paid ads campaigns
  • Gaining insights from real case studies and interactions through exclusive communities

Now that we’ve got that covered, let’s get started.

5 Best Affiliate Marketing Courses

Here are our top picks:

Powerhouse Affiliate

The Authority Site System by Authority Hacker

Spark by ClickBank

Commission Hero

Affiliate Lab

1 – Powerhouse Affiliate

Powerhouse Affiliate is an affiliate marketing program that provides step-by-step training, landing page templates, case studies, a community with 92,000+ members, and more.

Best Affiliate Marketing Courses

Quick take:

Powerhouse Affiliate is an affordable and solid program that provides you with all the training you need to get started and succeed in affiliate marketing.

In addition, it has a large and active community that can answer your questions and create great networking opportunities.



Those looking for an affordable program that covers all aspects of affiliate marketing


Starts at $20 per month

More than providing some of the best affiliate marketing courses around, Powerhouse Affiliate has a community with over 92,000 affiliate marketers from all over the world.

Best Affiliate Marketing Courses

It includes five regularly updated courses, each covering a different stage of your journey.

Stage 1 covers the basics. That includes all the fundamentals of affiliate marketing, how to structure your business for proven profitability, the secrets to building highly effective campaigns, and more.

Stage 2 covers everything you need to build an audience in any niche and consistently bring daily traffic that can turn into passive income.

Having a loyal audience and a consistent traffic flow will ultimately become your most valuable assets for your long-term success.

Stage 3 teaches how to create funnels that convert. It gets complemented by the Entry Point Income Pages, a library with over 100 proven landing page templates that you can choose from and easily adjust to the products you’re selling.

Best Affiliate Marketing Courses

Stage 4 is all about traffic. It covers everything you need to run successful PPC campaigns on the biggest traffic networks like Facebook, Google, and TikTok. It also teaches you how to get free traffic for your website from free and paid traffic sources.

Finally, stage 5 goes further by teaching you about native and push ad campaigns, all backed with real examples.

What you’ll get:

Basics of affiliate marketing

-How to build an audience and generate paid & organic traffic

-How to set up high-converting funnels

-Native & Push Ad Campaigns

-100+ landing page templates

-Affiliate & Media Buyer Forum


-Case Studies

-One-on-one Coaching

In addition to the courses, premium members also get to enjoy other benefits.

That includes unlimited access to all sections of the Affiliate & Media Buyer Forum where they can ask questions and interact with other affiliates, private messaging support, contests, and more.

Powerhouse also runs premium webinars frequently to deliver more and more content.

Best Affiliate Marketing Courses

Members can also find case studies with live campaigns that show how to get your first conversion and give insights on how to improve your campaigns.

Finally, Powerhouse also provides discounts for several tools that can be extremely useful along the way.

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If you want some extra help, you can also join the Affiliate Marketing Coaching program. This is a one-on-one training with Joey Babineau, founder of Powerhouse Affiliate himself, where he’ll address any specific challenges you might be dealing with and give you insights on how to take your business to the next level.

Here are some Powerhouse Affiliate reviews:

Best Affiliate Marketing Courses

Powerhouse also provides other free resources like their Website Building Action Plan and their YouTube channel.


The free membership gives you access to some of the forum’s sections and to the Stage 1 course.

Premium membership gives access to all the resources and starts at $20 per month on the monthly plan. You can also opt for the six-month membership for $97 or grant lifetime access for a one-time payment of $297.

All plans include a 100% refund policy so you can make sure that Powerhouse Affiliate is right for you.

Best Affiliate Marketing Courses

Finally, the one-on-one Affiliate Marketing Coaching program starts at $115 for a 30-minute call or $215 for an hour-long one (with 10 extra minutes on your first booking).

PROS of Powerhouse Affiliate

-Well-structured courses that cover all aspects of affiliate marketing

-100+ landing page templates

-Large and active community

-Great support

-Amazing value for money

CONS of Powerhouse Affiliate

-No free trial

-Doesn’t go deep on SEO and content marketing

2 – The Authority Site System by Authority Hacker

The Authority Site System is a step-by-step training course for building highly-profitable authority sites from the ground up

Best Affiliate Marketing Courses

Quick take:

This is a very solid course that covers all the aspects of creating and scaling an authority niche site, from identifying a profitable niche to generating a consistent flow of organic traffic.



Creating an authority niche site


$997 or 6x $249

The Authority Site System is one of the best affiliate marketing courses for those looking to generate income primarily through an authority niche website.

Its 15 modules take you through the entire process of building a new site from start to finish based on a proven systematic approach.

Best Affiliate Marketing Courses

That includes showing you how to do things like identify a profitable niche, create content that ranks high, convert visitors into buyers, and more.

It even includes a Hiring & Outsourcing section that teaches you how to choose the right people to help you scale your efforts.

The course is taught by Mark Webster and Gael Breton. They’ve been working together since 2010 and have nearly 30 years of combined experience building profitable sites.

Best Affiliate Marketing Courses

The modules comprise a total of 184+ video lessons based on an actual site that was built by them following the system they teach.

By joining the course, you’ll also get access to copy & paste templates, a site building to-do list, an active members community, and more.

What you’ll learn:

-Market Research

-Keyword Research

-Tech Site Setup

-Design & Branding

-Content Creation

-Link Building

-Hiring & Outsourcing


-Analytics & Tracking

Here’s a student review:

Best Affiliate Marketing Courses

The biggest downside is that, given its focus on sites, it doesn’t go deep into other important aspects of affiliate marketing like the fundamentals, social media, and paid traffic.


The Authority Site System comes at a one-time payment of $997 or six payments of $249.

By enrolling, you’ll get instant access to all the video lessons and other resources.

There’s also a 30-day money-back guarantee.

PROS of The Authority Site System

-Covers all steps of building and scaling an authority niche website

-The course is based on a real site that was built following the system

-Beginner friendly

-30-day money-back guarantee

CONS of The Authority Site System

-Higher pricing

-Experienced affiliate marketers might find it too basic

3 – Spark by ClickBank

Spark is ClickBank’s education platform that offers courses, tools, and a community to help you grow your affiliate marketing business

Best Affiliate Marketing Courses

Quick take:

Spark is one of the best affiliate marketing courses as it leverages ClickBank’s data and its top affiliates’ experience.

It covers all the basics of affiliate marketing and can be especially helpful for those working with ClickBank.



Beginners working primarily with ClickBank


Starts at $47 per month (with 50% off on the first month)

If you’re reading this article, you’ve probably heard of ClickBank. It’s one of the largest affiliate networks in the world and it’s been around since 1998.

To leverage the knowledge they acquired over the years and help their affiliates succeed, they created Spark.

Its platform provides access to some of the best affiliate marketing courses around, covering different aspects of affiliate marketing. They’re taught by affiliate marketing specialists and some of ClickBank’s most successful affiliates.

Take a look at some of their courses:

Best Affiliate Marketing Courses

Aiming to provide increasingly more updated content, Spark is also constantly bringing fresh new courses every month.

By joining it, you’ll also gain access to the Campfire Community, where you’ll enjoy bi-weekly live sessions with Q&As, trainings, and interviews with industry experts.

Spark’s courses are structured in videos that last from three to seven minutes. This makes it easy to accommodate daily learning to your unique routine and availability.

The downside of that is that some topics end up not getting covered so deeply.

Here’s a Spark review:

Best Affiliate Marketing Courses

What you’ll get:

All past & new courses about different affiliate marketing topics

-Access to Spark’s private community

-Weekly group coaching

-Monthly “what’s working now” interviews

-Discount VIP access to events


Spark has a single membership plan that gives access to all its courses and features.

It costs $47 per month, with a 50% discount available on the first month.

PROS of Spark

-Taught by some of ClickBank’s most successful affiliates

-Leverages ClickBank’s data

-It’s constantly updated

-Highly affordable

CONS of Spark

-Doesn’t go very deep into some important topics

-Very focused on paid traffic

-Might be too ‘ClickBank focused’

4 – Commission Hero

The Commission Hero System is a three-step sales process taught by ClickBank’s #1 affiliate

Best Affiliate Marketing Courses

Quick take:

This course has a stronger focus on PPC strategies. While that means it requires a higher upfront investment, it also means that you can get results faster.



Experienced affiliates with a budget to spend on ads


$997 or 2x $597

Speaking about ClickBank, let’s talk about Commission Hero.

This is one of the best affiliate marketing courses for a good reason: it’s taught by Robby Blanchard, who was once considered ClickBank’s #1 affiliate in the world.

The Commission Hero System is based on a three-step process to sell affiliate products in different niches.

Best Affiliate Marketing Courses

Unlike other courses on this list, this one has a stronger focus on paid ads and requires a minimum daily budget on ads of $10-20 for the strategies to work.

The upside of that is that you can get results faster if you have the money as you won’t need to spend months building and growing an organic audience.

The obvious downside is that you’ll need to invest more upfront.

Another downside of this course is that it doesn’t go very deep into how to build a loyal audience and generate organic traffic. As we said in the beginning, those are the things that will make your business the most profitable over the long term.

Best Affiliate Marketing Courses

By joining the Commission Hero System, you’ll also gain access to their private coaching group, get the Facebook Super Profits System, get done-for-you landing page templates, and more.

What you’ll get:

-The Complete Commission Hero System

-Commission Hero Private Coaching Group

-Facebook Super Profits Training System

-Landing Page Templates

-Live weekly Q&As & Coaching

-Snapchat & Email Marketing Training


The Commission Hero System can be purchased with a one-time payment of $997 or two payments of $597 (30 days apart). Both options will give you access to all the resources mentioned.

Keep in mind that there’s no free trial or refund policy.

PROS of Commission Hero

-Taught by an expert

-Active and valuable community

-Strategy allows you to scale rapidly (as long as you have money for ads)

CONS of Commission Hero

-No refund policy

-Too focused on paid traffic

-Might be overwhelming for beginners

5 – Affiliate Lab

Affiliate Lab offers a blueprint for ranking, monetizing, and flipping high-competition affiliate websites

Best Affiliate Marketing Courses

Quick take:

Affiliate Lab covers all aspects of launching, scaling, and flipping affiliate sites.

Website flipping is a great way to achieve a six-figure income and this is the best course in the market for that.



Affiliates looking to generate income scaling and flipping sites


$997 or 2x $597

Affiliate Lab goes a step further than other courses by teaching you not only how to create a site and generate affiliate sales through it from scratch, but also how to flip it (aka selling it for money).

It’s taught by Matt Diggity, who’s been working exclusively with SEO-focused endeavors like affiliate marketing for over ten years.

Best Affiliate Marketing Courses

It includes over 45 hours of training that cover everything you need to launch a site, generate profits from it through affiliate offers, and eventually flip it for 32-40x its monthly revenue.

So, let’s say you’re able to consistently generate $5K per month in commissions from a site, you could later sell it for $160-200K.

The course also includes templates, tools, checklists, SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures), and an exclusive Facebook group.

Finally, there are 13 bonuses that go deeper on topics like SEO, increasing your customers’ lifetime value, email marketing, and more.

What you’ll get:

How to identify a profitable niche

-How to run keyword research and create content that ranks high

-How to optimize your site to please Google

-Templates & Tools

-Checklists & Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

-Exclusive Facebook group

Here’s an Affiliate Lab review:

Best Affiliate Marketing Courses

While it’s not the most affordable option, this is definitely one of the best affiliate marketing courses for those who can see themselves making a living by affiliate site flipping.


Affiliate Lab comes with the same pricing and payment options as Commission Hero, with an upfront payment of $997 or two installments of $597.

There’s also no free trial or refund policy.

PROS of Affiliate Lab

-Covers all aspects of launching, scaling, and flipping an affiliate site

-Constantly updated

-Great support

CONS of Affiliate Lab

-Not the most affordable option

-No refund policy

Final thoughts

All these courses provide you with expert knowledge on how to start and scale an affiliate marketing business.

If you’re still beginning your journey and are looking for an affordable program that covers all the aspects of affiliate marketing and provides a large community that you can get knowledge from, Powerhouse Affiliate is definitely the best choice for you.

Spark isn’t bad either, especially if you work with ClickBank.

But if you’re ready to invest more and think it’s time to learn about more advanced aspects of an affiliate marketing business like outsourcing and website flipping, then The Authority Site System, Commission Hero, and Affiliate Lab are definitely worth exploring.

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