How to Suck More Cash From CPA Affiliate Arbitrage

You already know about CPA affiliate arbitrage, but did you know that you can make extra money on top of your main landing page by monetizing your remnant traffic? A lot of people don’t understand this strategy at first, because the main goal is usually to get traffic to a specific landing page, to get them to buy a specific offer, or follow through with a campaign. Once they’re on your page, you usually send that traffic to an offer and attempt to monetize your campaign by the revenue you earn from that particular offer.

Now, what I’m about to show you are strategies to get money on top of that. You can use them either as an affiliate marketer or somebody that owns specific products. You can use this even if you just have additional traffic on your website that you’re monetizing through AdSense or a similar platform.

I’m going to show you how you can implement scripts on your landing page so you can earn extra revenue without disrupting the user on their first visit to your website. This will be extra earning on top of your original goal. That’s what will set you apart from your competition.

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How to get Revenue Through Monetizer

For this tutorial, I’m going to be using mainly Monitizer. This is a platform that helps you monetize your remnant traffic, which is what we want to do. This is the additional traffic that you’re not really sending anywhere else. These are people that are about to leave your page without purchasing anything.

For example, if you go to a website and you click the back button, there are websites that implement a script that will allow that user to go to a different page instead of the actual back page. Now, there are certain traffic sources you can’t do this with, like Facebook ads or Google ads. But this is used a lot in push ads, especially push ad networks like Propellor or Rich Push.

This strategy works extremely well on push ads because they allow you to do this. This can’t be used on Google or Bing because they’ll probably ban you or disable your ads for going against their policies. So make sure that you’re careful using this strategy.

Step 1 – Getting the Direct Links

I’m going to run you through the easy way to do this first. After you log in, there’s a whole bunch of options on the left-hand side menu. One of the things that you need to do is add a domain. Monetizer is a free service, but you need to buy the domain that you set up so that they can give you the links that you can implement into your back button script.

Once you’ve set up your domain on it, you are mostly ready to go. However, you need to also set up your campaign. For this, in the left-hand menu, you’ll select campaign, and click on create a new link. The new options will open up, and you’ll select all the settings you want for this link.

There’s a whole bunch of different options you need to go through while making sure you select the categories most appropriate for your traffic.

When you are done and create the link, the page will give you the direct link into the Promotions Method pop-up window. When you use this link, as soon as somebody clicks on it, you’re going to earn money inside Monetizer. This is a smart link, so it’s going to automatically know where the customer is coming from. It’ll show offers specific to that country and any other settings you selected beforehand.

Step 2 – Other Scripts to Use

In that pop-up window, you can also get the Back Button Redirect. This is the script that you’re going to put in your header tags on your website. So every time somebody clicks the back button, they’re going to be sent to one of these offers that you’ve just created. This is where you start earning money from your back button scripts.

Another option is the Pop-under. There are mobile redirects, click pop-ups, and more. You can use a whole bunch of different strategies and there are a lot of different ways to do this. Personally, I use the back button script and use that as a pop-under script as well.

This is how you earn more money without disrupting your original goal, which is to convert your original CPA offer through traffic arbitrage.

Step 3 – Making the Most of Push Stats

Another interesting thing inside Monetizer is the Push stats you can find on the left-hand side menu.

When you’re setting up your campaign link, it gives you the ability to collect push subscribers too. The push subscribers are going to be collected on the back button link, and you’ll make money from these people over and over again. By continuing to run this every single day it’ll start to snowball.

I’m doing a case study on this inside  right now, where you’ll be able to see the stats over 30 to 40 days of running this strategy.

How to Win Money with HasTraffic Instead

Now, another option is using HasTraffic. You’ll be signing up as a publisher on this platform if you’re doing this for a website.

This is not big money, but you’ll get paid on every click. I made roughly ten dollars for twelve hundred clicks with it. It’s not big money, but when you’re running on these pushout networks for pennies a click and this is remnant traffic, this is where it becomes interesting.

How to Use This Strategy Together with AdSense

Some of my AdSense revenue comes from search engine optimization, but a lot of it comes from this strategy. However, Google AdSense has very strict rules on how people get to your website so you can’t implement this and send people through backlinks.

If you use this strategy I explained on Google AdSense, you’ll most likely lose your earnings and won’t get paid. And the thing is, Google pays monthly. So that means you’re taking a big risk on having all this money accumulate over a month for them to discover that you’re sending traffic to them through a pop under or a back button script, which is completely against their terms.

To implement a different strategy, you have to build yourself an email list. You need to send out your remnant traffic to a capture page, at which point you’ll send them to your blog. This method is completely legal, and you can start earning revenue from AdSense too, which pays a lot more.

I have a complete Webinar on how to set this up. It explains the exact setup of a CPA affiliate offer, how to set up the landing page, the scripts to send people back to your autoresponder, and how to set up that autoresponder so that you’re legitimately building an email list.

Get results with CPA affiliate arbitrage

Rise Above the Competition

This method works and it’s compliant. It’s something I’ve been doing for a long time, and I can guarantee the results are worth it.

There’s a reason I recommend you try this, and it’s because there’s a lot of competition on affiliate marketing. It’s a growing empire where more and more people are trying their luck, and this is a strategy that will take you above that competition, and will make a difference and help you rise from the rest.

For more information on CPA affiliate marketing, and affiliate marketing in general, check out our free training at

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