How Much Money Does 10,000 YouTube Subscribers Make You?

I have a bit of exciting news! I recently hit 10,000 YouTube subscribers! A lot of people who read this blog also subscribe to the Dayjobhacks YouTube channel, so I want to thank every one of you for tuning in, and subscribing, liking my content, and commenting. It motivates me to keep chugging along in this project. And if you’re wondering how much money you can make on YouTube with 10,000 subscribers, I’m gong to break it down for you.

If you want to check out the video I posted to mark this achievement, click below. Keep watching until the end to see some good bloopers!

Since my channel is all about making money online and digital marketing, then it only makes sense to talk about how much money you can make with 10,000 subscribers and how I’m making over $250 on average from each video I produce. Not to mention all of the stuff behind the scenes.

So let’s get into it now. If you like this content and you’re new to the blog or the YouTube channel, then please make sure you subscribe to my channel, and like the content, or comment, or tell me what I’m doing wrong.

I read every single comment on the channel and this blog. As soon as someone comments, I get notified. I read them. I may not respond to all of them, but I certainly will see it. So thanks, again. Let’s dive into it.

In the Beginning

Dayjobhacks channel started back in March of 2019. I was very new to YouTube and had no idea how to produce videos, but I did a lot of research on what kind of equipment I needed. It wasn’t easy. I was not very confident in my videos.

When I look back at some of my videos, I actually laugh at myself. I question whether I should delete those videos or not, but I’ve decided I’m going to keep them on there to show the growth of the channel, because the whole intent was to show that anybody can start producing content online and making money. You’re going to grow as you start building.

My goal at the start of this was 100,000 subscribers and it was part of a training program that we have inside, which is our training platform, where we train digital marketers. So for me to go and delete old videos that make me look foolish, I just thought it would be silly for me to do that.

So have fun looking at some of those past videos. I find them quite funny and entertaining myself. But over time, I’ve gained a little bit of confidence, especially from people liking my videos and subscribing. So the mental game of YouTube is definitely a different game than if you’re going to start writing articles and creating a website.

Now, most of the training out there for digital marketers, especially newbies, is around creating a website about a niche, and then creating a ton of content, and then making sure that all your keywords are researched well and that they’re keywords that people are searching for.

When people go to Google, they’re going to search, and they’re going to find your content, at which point you’re going to make money, because people are going to start engaging in your content and clicking on links. That all sounds great in theory.

Why YouTube is Awesome

In reality, if you go and search how to make money online, there are going to be billions of websites about how to make money online. That is the niche I’m in, how to make money online. Now, if you go to YouTube, there are only 38 million active channels.

Thirty eight million active channels doesn’t necessarily mean that all of those channels are about how to make money online. There’s do it yourselfers, there’s gardening, there’s a whole bunch of other different topics on YouTube.

So to come on to YouTube and start creating content, you’re eliminating the necessity to start doing all these the search engine optimization tasks like backlinking. That’s a big one. You have to get backlinks to your website if you want Google to rank your website in their search results.

And backlinking is a whole different ball game. You have a lot of effort and work going into that or you’re paying somebody to do it.

On YouTube, I can just simply come down to my office. This is what it looks like in the morning.

Snap my fingers and this is what it looks like when I’m starting to produce my videos.

I sit in front of my camera for 15 to 20 minutes, as long as I don’t have any bloopers, create my content and put it up on YouTube.

I want to really nail in the fact that YouTube is one of the best traffic sources for content creators. Whether you’re doing videos, or whether you’re an affiliate marketer, or whether you own your own products, you really need to start producing on YouTube.

A couple more interesting stats before we get into my computer, I found that over 90 percent of digital consumers also use YouTube. And a lot of those people are going onto YouTube to search about the products that they want to buy or purchase. So if you can do videos, there’s a huge opportunity using YouTube right now.

In fact, we’re doing a case study now started in Powerhouse Affiliate for running affiliate offers through YouTube ads. That is a different ballgame altogether. It’s not the same as content creation, but there’s a whole slew of opportunity inside YouTube.

The other interesting stat that I found about YouTube is that it is number two for entertainment among millennials. What is number one? It is Netflix. So as a creator, you can be in the same ballgame as people watching Netflix. They’re going to be watching YouTube. You can be in that realm, and you can have your content being seen by millions and millions of people.

Now, I never would have thought that was possible. When I started this channel, it took me roughly a year to see any results. So if you’re getting into YouTube, make sure you understand, it’s going to take time, and effort and consistency. That is what I’ve learned over the years.

Show me the Data

Now, let’s get into my computer so I can show you that was real data. So here we are, as you can see, $6,088 total in revenue from YouTube alone. So that is YouTube monetization.

Now, this isn’t very impressive. Some people might think, wow, that’s terrible. Not even a half a million views in two years and only made $6,088 from YouTube. This might be discouraging, but it’s all about how YouTube is monetized. And I’ve talked about this in other videos and articles I’ve done.

I only made $6,000 from YouTube, which works out to about $55 per video. Where am I getting the other $200 per video to bring it over $250 on average? It comes down to how you create your content, where you’re sending traffic to, and how you monetize the other side of that traffic.

I had to endure almost a year of no money from YouTube. A lot of people would have quit after a couple of months of this. With no money, no money, no money, okay, this doesn’t work. I’m quitting. See you later. Bye. Bye.

Then all of a sudden, you qualify. And now you start making money and it continues to go up. And there’s people, obviously, that have massive channels that are making thousands of dollars a day alone from YouTube. So it depends on your niche and what your your goal is here.

Next, let’s look at the other side of it, where I’m spending most of my traffic. It’s either to affiliate offers or to my own product. I’m not being sleazy about it. I’m very transparent about my offers.

But where we send traffic after is important, because if you have a product or service of your own, you want to start talking about your product and service in your videos without being a sleazy salesperson. You have to deliver good content to your audience. That’s what I’m attempting to do here.

Every single time I publish a video on YouTube, I want to show data because that’s what people like in this niche. They want to see data. They want to know how much effort it’s going to take to make money.

So let’s look at Google Analytics. Here’s the amount of traffic received since I started in March 2019, roughly $15,000 in front end sales. These are front end sales for a membership program. So it doesn’t calculate what’s after the fact if there’s more money coming in from monthly subscriptions, or yearly subscriptions, or lifetime subscriptions to my training.

Now, if you’re in a niche that you enjoy and you love and you’re passionate about, you should be creating your own product. I’ve talked about this before. You can send people to your own product.

Here’s the product I’ve created for myself many years ago. It is It is a training platform. It’s an affiliate marketing forum. Not trying to sell you. I’m just telling that this is what you need to do yourself. If you want to create a channel that makes money, you need a good product that you can send people to.

And if it’s not your own product, then it has to be a very good affiliate product. I often reference affiliate products as well on my channel, where I am talking about products I actually use day to day. I’m going to show you some stats here about those products and what videos made the most money when I talked about these particular products.

Promoting Affiliate Links

One product that I reference a lot is It is a hosting company. It is a very beginner friendly hosting company for people who want to create a blog online and start creating content.

It’s great for WordPress. I talk about it all the time. You can see here, since I’ve started, we’re adding another $3,000. All these figures are in US dollars, don’t forget. So we have $3,000 here from all of the videos. Every now and then, I refer people and send them to a page regarding how to set up your own website.

Another one here is Anstrex, which is a spy tool. Oftentimes I do videos about how to find good campaigns to run as an affiliate marketer. We use Anstrex and AdPlexity.

Every single day, I get an email like this. You just received a new reward. You just made $27. Or I get one from AdPlexity. You’ve made $80, because of a video I made a long time ago on the channel. If you search “AdPlexity versus Anstrex” this is the type of video I’m talking about.

I made this video four months ago, about 2,000 views so far. I’m going to guess 10 percent of the people that watch this video buy Anstrex or AdPlexity as a result of it. I have both links right in the description. These are affiliate links and I get paid every time somebody buys those products.

So that is one way that I make money. From AdPlexity, since I started here, it’s about $1,600, and roughly the same for Anstrex. That’s another $3,000 we’re adding on top to calculate the $250 per video.

If you add up all those numbers: the $6,000 from YouTube, the $15,000 roughly from product sales, $3,000 from Blue Host, $1,500 each from Anstrex and AdPlexity, we’re talking $27,700 from 109 videos. That works out to about $250 per video.

Now that’s not even including all of the traffic oftentimes comes back to Dayjobhacks, which is the brand I created for the YouTube channel. If you’re going to create a YouTube channel, create a brand.

You want to collect subscribers. You want people to join your list. And as long as you’re sending great content, they’re going to stay on your list. So I have free subscribers coming in through Dayjobhacks, as well as people who join free at PowerhouseAffiliate also become part of the same community that want to make money online.

This is how it is done. It can be done in any niche at all. That is how you monetize a YouTube channel. At least that’s how I’ve been monetizing it. I’m not concerned about how much YouTube money I’m going to make, because really the end goal here is to market myself and my product and my brand.

So that should be a good overview of how YouTube works for even a small channel like mine. I mean, this is peanuts. Four hundred and fifty eight thousand views to me is peanuts. I’m not even close to where I want to be yet, but it’s going to take effort and work.

I know that, but it’s fun to me. It’s one video a week at this point, maybe two. And I’m getting motivated to do even more and spend more time on this. Because really, it is only one small part of my business overall, but it is one of the most enjoyable experiences that I’ve ever done online, because I really actually enjoy this part of my business.

Do you have a YouTube channel that you are thinking of monetizing, or have already monetized? Leave a comment below and tell what tactics or strategies you’re using.

Thanks for reading!

Joey Babineau

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