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3 Fool Proof Affiliate Marketing Amazon Strategies To Make Money Online



In this post I am going to focus on some affiliate marketing Amazon strategies that are proven to make you money. It can be overwhelming when choosing an affiliate marketing program. This is why in this post I’m focusing on one of the biggest programs out there. Amazon has an insane amount of potential for affiliates and here’s why!

Why Amazon?

Amazon has become the clear winner in the online retail space. They accounted for 49.1% of all online sales or 5% of all retail sales in 2018. This is a staggering number! Almost half of all online purchases are done through Amazon. This is a big deal if you’re an affiliate. Amazon has over 606 million products you can potentially promote. This means products in virtually EVERY niche.

What is Amazon Associates?

Amazon Associates is the affiliate program branch of Amazon. It’s a free program to join and you can promote virtually any product on Amazon. This is how we get paid for our affiliate marketing Amazon efforts.

affiliate marketing amazon program

How Much Can I Earn?

Amazon has various commission percentages depending on the category of the product that was sold. Some categories like Books only pays 4.50% where Luxury Beauty products pay 10%. This may not seem like a very large commission but it does add up fast. Remember that Amazon has a great reputation which greatly helps the chance of making a sale when a customer lands on their site. This is going to greatly increase your conversion rate in comparison to another online store. Below is a complete list of the affiliate marketing Amazon fixed payment rates.

amazon associates payout rate

How Do I Get Started?

There are two things you need before you can start promoting. The first is a domain name or a website that you own. The second is an Amazon Associates account. Our first focus will be the website. Let’s start by going to Bluehost to get a domain and hosting.

Domain Name

In order to promote Amazon products, you need to have your own affiliate marketing website. There is a free video action plan to set up your first website here: How to Build an Affiliate Marketing Website. Amazon will look at the origin of your qualified referred sales and match them to see if they came from your website. If you’re spamming links somewhere, Amazon may decide not to pay you for your referrals. This is why it’s important to have your down website.

Choose a domain name that somewhat general and can be used for multiple products. One example is “”.

Once you choose a domain, continue with the account creation process by clicking “Continue To Checkout”

If you do not have an existing Bluehost account, you can create one now.

Enter your billing information and your payment details. Proceed to purchase your domain. We will focus on hosting later.

Creating Your Amazon Associates Account

This is a really easy quick process. Go to the amazon associates site by clicking here. Click ‘Join Now For Free’ is you do not already have an account. Click “Create your Amazon account”.

affiliate marketing Amazon account

Fill out your information. Once you’re done, click “Create your Amazon account”.

Amazon account signup

Amazon will now ask you to provide your website or mobile app information. Once you have generated a qualified sale, Amazon will verify the origin on the sale and then will match it to the website or app that you provide in this step. This where you will provide the domain you got from Bluehost.

affiliate marketing Amazon confirm you r site

On the next screen you will have to provide additional details about your website and marketing efforts. Be honest with your answers, this may affect your payments in the future.


You should now have your Amazon Associates ID. You can upload your tax information now if you wish. Remember, failing to do so can result in delayed payments.

Amazon congrats

Creating Your Website

This is a vital part of our affiliate marketing Amazon strategies. You need a functional, working website in order to successfully promote Amazon products and get paid. This might seem like a big and difficult task. Luckily for you, I’ll show you how to setup a website in under 10 minutes!


If you don’t already have website hosting, you will need to purchase some before continuing. I recommended purchasing hosting with the same company that you purchased your domain name. You can get hosting here.

Installing WordPress

Installing WordPress is very easy and also vital to success with affiliate marketing Amazon strategies. WordPress is actually famous for their 5 minute install. What’s even better is that most hosting providers have a ‘1-Click’ install for WordPress.

Filling Your Website With Content

This will be the most time consuming part of this process. It’s very important that you create some high quality content for your website. Your content should be related to Amazon products that you can earn commission by promoting. It’s actually quite easy to find products worth promoting. Let’s take a look at the Amazon home page. Click the ‘Best Sellers’ menu at the top of the page.

Website content

You will now see some of the top selling products on Amazon. Since these products are already “popular”, it’s quite likely there are users searching for information on these products. These are perfect products to use to create content. Since we are focusing on gadgets, let’s click ‘See More Best Sellers In Electronics’.

Amazon products

These products are going to be the foundation of your affiliate marketing Amazon website. These may not be the products you actively promote in our various affiliate marketing Amazon strategies but they will generate FREE traffic from search engines over time. Choose a product from this page. Copy the exact name of the product. I’m going to start with the Amazon Fire TV stick.

Amazon best sellers

Open google and paste your product name into google search. Add the word “Review” next to your product and click search. As you can see below, there is plenty of information available about the product. This is where you educate yourself as much as possible so you can write a quick 600 word WordPress post. You want to give as much detail as possible to make the product more enticing to your readers.

google search results

I highly discourage anyone from copying other blogs directly. This will result in your website being removed from google search results among other penalties. Writing original reviews will have great rewards as we dive into our affiliate marketing Amazon strategies.

Amazon review

Repeat this this process until you have 20 or more original product review posts. While you are building your posts be sure to insert your Affiliate Links. Go back to your Amazon product page and make sure you are logged in with your Amazon associates account. You will see a menu at the top of the page where you can copy your amazon affiliate product link. Click “Text” from the Get Link menu at the top of the page.

amazon product

Copy your product link and paste it somewhere safe.

affiliate marketing Amazon tracking link.

Open your product blog post and insert your link strategically within your post. Use inline hyper links on key words within your posts. Spread out your links through out your post. Don’t wait until they very end of your post to start inserting your link.

Copied link

Insert product links into ALL of your WordPress Blog posts. Do not slack on this step. These links are key to you making money. The more time and strategy you use when placing these will reflect the results you get from the affiliate marketing Amazon strategies.

Now You Are Ready

You should now have your website setup with WordPress and at least 20 well written review style blog posts. These posts should promote your products and you should have your affiliate links strategically placed within these posts. If you have done all of these things, it’s time to start making money with our affiliate marketing Amazon strategies.

Affiliate Marketing Amazon Strategy #1 – Forum Posting

One really easy place to get started is by focusing on product review forums. Reddit is the first place you will focus. There are many different sub-reddits that focus on product reviews from various sites including Amazon. These are perfect places to post links to your WordPress review blog posts. Be sure to read the rules posted by the moderators to avoid getting banned.

Forum 1

There are thousands of similar review style forums that you can join and use to promote your blog. RedFlagDeals is a great example.

Forum 2

Find roughly 20 different Forums and slowly start posting your content. You don’t want to start by posting 20 new review posts in the same day that you sign up for the forum. They will find this suspicious and likely ban your account. Be sure to read all forum rules before posting. Post a single blog post per forum each day. This will allow you to establish trust on these forum sites.

Affiliate Marketing Amazon Strategy #2 – Facebook Fan Page

In this strategy we will focus on leveraging Facebook for free traffic. This is actually a really simple affiliate marketing Amazon strategy that can be done by virtually anyone. You will need to create a Facebook Fan Page related to your domain. Be sure to use a cool profile picture and cover photo. I highly recommend that you also learn from some of these Facebook marketing tips!

Facebook Fan Page Example

Post your Blog links on your Facebook fan page. Make sure you have a nice preview for users. Repeat this for ALL of your blog posts.

post example

Now that you have posted each post to your fan page, we need to find some Facebook groups to get some FREE traffic to your affiliate marketing Amazon products. Focus on groups that have at least 5k members. Be creative when looking for groups. Also be sure not to spam, always read group rules before posting. Post your Fan Page post links to the group, not your actual blog links. This will allow you to help build Likes on your Facebook fan page. Building up your fan page Likes will allow you to generate traffic for future posts.

group search example

Affiliate Marketing Amazon Strategy #3 – The ‘Listicle’ And Paid Search

This is the most effective of the three affiliate marketing Amazon strategies. This gives you the ability to showcase multiple products per post in a very effective and strategic way. Listicles have become very popular and are a extremely effective means of promoting your products. Check out How to Write Listicles for more info.

listicle template

Listicles typically contain a product image, small written paragraph and a ‘call to action’ button to encourage readers to buy.

drone example
product example

Listicles can be tricky to create within WordPress unless you have the correct plugins. Another means of using a listicle would be to upload an HTML version to your web hosting. I know HTML sounds difficult but if you happen to find a template online, it can be done with ease. Powerhouse Affiliate has an affiliate marketing website template library available for it’s members to use.

What Is Powerhouse Affiliate

Powerhouse Affiliate provides affiliate marketing training and a community designed to help aspiring affiliates achieve success. The community was started in 2013! This is a perfect place for all affiliates.

Powerhouse Affiliate

What about the Listicle Template?

Powerhouse Affiliate has an extensive landing page library which includes this Listicle. They also provide MANY other templates and constantly update the library with great new templates.

Powerhouse Library

You can also access a live Case Study on how to use this listicle with paid traffic sources like Google or Bing search. This material will show you step by step how to take advantage of listicles and make your first affiliate marketing Amazon commissions.

Powerhouse Mastermind

Don’t Stop… Keep Writing!

The key to these affiliate marketing Amazon strategies is a great blog and current products. You should be posting at least 1 or 2 posts each day in order to keep your blog current and fresh. There are always new products out there each day. Don’t be scared to try these affiliate marketing Amazon strategies with other categories outside of gadgets!

Please comment or ask any questions you like!

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